John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:13:04 AM | Back to Blygs

     Fire the filthy criminals Drumf perfidy Pence now.Your irritated bowel dawgs Drumf perfidy Pence. El Maligno bandito. Horrifying. Remove criminals Drumf perfidy Pence now. Put in McMasters and let him get on top of the situation. Or, let # 44 finish until the Nov elections. Or, install Joe Biden today and get this country running again. There is nothing to wait for, end the Drumf failures now. Install the Drumf Plague Commission 2020 now, today, fully funded and Drumf free. Fire and remove the freaky Drumf perfidy Pence. now. Repeat. Dither Drumf, fiddle and flunk. Drumf perfidy Pence have destroyed America in every gruesome, henious, vile way. The Russia connections. Fire and remove Drumf immediately. Criminal Drumf will kill you with the deadly Drumf Plague, 2020. Sneak you real bad, the Drumf. Poison us Drumf and mug you to death. Repeat. Drumf cashed in on the Drumf Plague against us. Everyday. Freak nasty Drumf

     Fire and remove Drumf perfidy Pence now. Right now. Fire and remove Drumf perfidy Pence. Now. There is nothing to wait for. End the Drumf perfidy Pence failures now. Criminal failures Drumf. All Republican Drumf .Repeat. The vacancy resident Drumf is clueless and truely does not care. Everyday. Endless Drumf crimes against us. You'll see. Criminals like this. Vote for that. Drumf will kill us all. Vote for this. If you live. You will be all criminal flunked to Drumf death.

     Drumf is holding a briefing now. Everyone got robbed by the Drumf.