John Blyth

Your all criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:31:35 AM | Back to Blygs

     Criminal Drumf perfidy Pence. All for the Nazi Koch bros. The Russia connections. The Drumf regime has done everything possible to make the Drumf Plague worse, in every vile way. Awful Drumf. Vote for that. Gross incompetence with malice for all. The Drumf Plague, 2020. Genocide crimminal Drumf. All Drumf Republican. Drumf. Drumf could not care less and is planning his vacation in Mara -Lago. All of the Governors are screaming for Drumf federal monies, but no, the bigly Drumf stiff job. Everryday. Economy killer Drumf. Repeat. Economy killer Drumf.The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Lousy Drumf. Shifty Drumf. Tax changes, 2020. The tax filing date has been extended  to July 15'th. There is Drumf now. Nasty Drumf. There is Drumf again. Yikes. A Drumf vaccine. Criminal Drumf. Repeat. It is all Drumf. Weddings and funerals. Drumf is a ruff dude. Drumf failures. Vote for that. Repeat. Vote for that. Drumf gave another press briefing today. Tremendous Drumf. It did not go well. That Drumf anti vaccine resident failure. Ugly Drumf. All Drumf ugly. There is Drumf now. The Drumf. Killer Drumf. Repeat. Killer Drumf. GDP is now at minus or negative 9% for Drumf, 2020. You'll see, vote for that bigly and badly all Republican Drumf mess. Drumf is thrilled. Drumf is tremendously louse thrilled. America in ruin. That is what Drumf and the Nazi Koch bros were sent to do.

     Illinois is proud. Illinois and the nation. Clear. Illinois truth now. Truth. Illinois leadership with professionalism. Repeat. We need the all new Drumf Plague Commission, 2020 now. Install the new Drumf Plague Commission, 2020 today. The all criminal Drumf Plague against us. Vote for that. Why? Because Drumf is guilty of crimes against humanity, us. Repeat.
Drumf spies, every criminal Drumf treason day.

     Your criminal all Republican party of Drumf. Want a baloney sandwhich? It's the Drumf. Republicans insist on fear mongerings against us. Endless Drumf. Weaponized Drumf bombs.
     Weaponized crimes against humanity = Drumf  with the Nazi Koch bros.
     Weaponized all Republican criminal Drumf fears and fear mongerings against us. Jobs killer Drumf. Repeat.
     Weaponized total Drumf criminal fraud. Repeat. Unfit, inelligible and grossly unpopular. The Drumf. Unrepentant Drumf. Drumf lied and people died. Repeat. Drumf is holding a new briefing now. Yikes.
     The new world odor. The hostile hijacking of America and holding us all hostage to the criminal Nazi Koch bros for decades. Repeat till Nazi deaths and beyond. The Nazi Koch bros pay no price, nothing, ever. All death culture.
     Weaponized Drumf Plague Deaths, 2020 against us = Drumf Genocide.
     Drumf killed the Holy Days and Easter. Drumf killed all of the Churches. And now, Drumf killed the trees too. The Drumf Plague continues now. Ever Drumf uglier. Drumf is thrilled like a banana.
     Weaponized Russia connections. Spies, lies and horrids.
     Weaponized Vaccums against us and Drumf got paid every stolen gold bar Turkish trader day.
     Weaponized China connections every Drumf criminal day.
     Weaponized Drumf treason with all Republican party of Drumf traitors. Dirty Drumf. Criminals like a mug.
     Drumf makes Nazi Koch bros rich again. Hanes, owned by the Nazi Koch bros just got a 1/2 billion dollas contract from Drumf to make masks.
     The fascist Doj, Jeffrey Epstien. When will the doj bring fraud charges against the Drumf? Drumf chaos with anarchy.

     Europe. Drumf. Europe.
     China Drumf vaccums against us. Repeat.