John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

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     Watch Impeacment of the Drumf. Live.  The good 116'th Congress. Here. The good Congress. The good 116'th Congress. The good Congress. OoC = Obstructions of Congress. Impeached for life Drumf and all Republicans. Remove and convict. The all Republican cover-up sham. Drumf with all of the Republicans got caught. Repeat. The OMB and CoS. Bribery and extortions. Repeat. OoC. The Drumf of justice Bill diss Barr was all up that Drumf ugly mess. Everyone was in the loop. Sinister, sinister, sinister. Play the tapes. Play the Drumf Ukraine tapes now. Yikes. The Sos did not back the good ambassador at all. Not once. Drumf stalked the good Ambassador real bad.

     Day 4. Day 4. Day 4.