John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:28:29 AM | Back to Blygs

     The good 116'th Congress. All of the House Managers do us proud. Drumf lied and 15,000 people died in Ukraine. Iraq, Iran and more. The good Congress. The good Congress. You'll see it all, the cover-up all criminal Republican Purty of Drumf.Spies, lies and horrids. Make Drumf Rich Again, that includes the Nazi Koch bros money launderings machine, your all Republican Congress, for 7 decades. 
      Abuse, Betrayal and Corruptions. Repeat. Bribery and extortions. Abuse of Powers. Obstructions of Congress, aka, OoC. Corruptions of Office.

     The good Rep Nadler does a serious professional job. And note, without clown Republican interuptions by his ranking criminal member grossly and  persistently harrasining all day long. Repeat. Jerry. Jerry. Jerry. The all new federailst papers, 2020. The transcripts will be beautiful.

     A disloyal mind. Impeached Drumf for life is guilty, guilty, guilty of all, treason and more. Drumf had his AG Bill dissBarr crush and stymie the impeachment in every Drumf way, everyday, from day 1 and repeat. Drumf criminal lawyer lies. Your all Republican Congress backed up Drumf  and his henchmen in every criminal ongoing crimes way. Repeat.

     Spies lies and horrids. Republicans like that. You'll see. All Republican sabotage and treacheries against us. Drumf spies like this. Turkish gold traders too.

     Day 3. Short.