John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

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     The good Congress. How to watch the Senate Impeachment trial of the Drumf.

     1 p.m. Faint. Then, call a shrink to discern all of the Drumf lies + Drumf's lawyers lies. +++
     2. Drumf and his all Republican Congress stole those benefits from your current health plan. Soo goo  luck.
     3. The criminal all Republican Moscow Mitch press blackout goes good with a bottle of Malort. Again not paid for by your thievage Republicans. Watch out for criminal Drumf blackins too. Major media and networks have been killed and the Nazi Koch bros have been Moscow Mitch toadied again. Your criminal antebellum Nazi Koch bros Senate is dinosaur thrilled in tech world 2020. That Moscow Mitch senate of the all for never an update all arcane Koch bros, 2020.
     4. The all Republican Moscow Koch bros Mitch sham trial runs everyday but Sunday and you should too. Run for your lives.
     5. Moscow Koch bros Mitch will make the rules and decide about calling witnesses and documents. Yikes. Then, Drumf will move bigly and badly to dissmiss it all. Failure and repeat. But Drumf will be thrilled.
     6. The trial begins. Drumf is indicted and Drumf lawyers pursue the indefensible. Icky, icky, icky. Slick and road kill.
     7. Key Players; Drumf. Bill Dissbarr. Rudi Gooli on it. Sos. CoS. Bolton. OMB Blair and more. All fact witnesses. Repeat. Lev. Paul Manaforte. Igor. Oligarchs and Putin.
     8. Drumf's Defense Team; Will be usurped by Drumf at every available ignorance. Repeat. Repeat. Louse!
     9. Witnesses; Robert Hyde. Nope. No Russians. But Russians everywhere. No Stormy. No nothing. Drumf Trial. Lev. Igor. Sergey. Schlomo. Vlad. Spies. Drumf witness Republicans like that.
     10. The Decision; Will be made under the cloak of darkness and dratt,dratt, double dratt to all of you dastardly nay sayers. The Moscow Koch bros Mitch all Republican party of Drumf has spoken.
     11. Key Documents; Have been Bill DissBarr OoC and OoJ with treachery by traitors from day 1. And still, no. no documents from the all derelict Drumf admin. Zero. Zip. Nada.