John Blyth

Your criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:23:03 AM | Back to Blygs

     Pimp job Drumf. Merc's. Treasonous traitor Drumf. Everyday. Think you know? That criminal Drumf Modus Opporundi. The Russia connections. Repeat. Make Drumf Rich Again. Your irritated bowel dawgs Drumf perfidy pence. Disgusting. Drumf spies lies and treacheries. Repeat Drumf danger. All Republican Moscow Mitch approved and guaranteed to Nazi Koch bros repeat. Those Drumf deploarables Republican Congress. Drumf is thrilled and could not care less.
     Abuse of powers and Obstuctions of Congress by the Drumf.

     The Drumf of justice. Drumf Pals like that. 

     Iran. Iran. Drumf sos. Iran. Drumf perfdy Pence. Iran. Freaky Drumf. Iran. Iran. Russia. Iran.