John Blyth

Your criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:15:54 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connections. Who benefitted from the Iraq war? The nazi Koch bros new world odor. Go ahead and make the list. Criminal Drumf, Abuse of Powers. & OoC, = Obstructions of Congress. Repeat 2020. It appears the Drumf perfidy Pence regime started the war in Iran at exactly a time when peace in the region was gaining. Sinister. Sinister. Sinister. The Pompeo Drumf Assasinators, criminally pursueing war against Iran unilaterally, without Congress and us. 2020..Bigly and badly repeat. Infidel Drumf sabotage and treacheries against us with traitors and malice for all. Repeat. Why? For, long term, chaos and anarchy. Mayhem, destablizations of regions and continents, all for Oligarchs, tyranny, the nazi Koch bros and Putin Russia spy connections. Repeat. Drumf is thrilled. Now, who would want another War in Iran? Sychophants like that and spies too. Your all Republican Koch bros 53 Senate. Treacherous traitors all. Weaponized Immigrations against us. Continued crimes against humanity. And all of the horrors of war. Freaky Drumf. Not to mention, as Grover and the nazi Koch bros Republicans know all too well, foreign wars are not accountable to the GAO, OMB formerly run by Paul Ryan and Mick Mulvaney. All of which was and is added criminally to the national debt, then the nazi Koch bros and Grover NRA Norquist Republicans scat, like dirty rats. repeat. As the nazi Koch bros continually try to bankrupt and kill America in every vile, insidious, inside Republican way. Repeat, repeat, the DoC with the DoT are thrilled. Koch bros commodities traders too. The Drumf trade wars allow Koch bros fuedalisms to cherry pick with all insider Drumf hause Grover Norquist informations. Spies like that. Iraq. Iraq. And remember, Drumf loves all vaccums against us, repeat. Those Russia connections. Very bad Drumf lies, spies and horrids. Freaky Drumf repeat. Spies lies and horrids. Drumf is thrilled.
     Failure Iran Drumf perfidy Pence, those willful hate destructions of government with malice by Steve hate us all Bannon, nazi Koch bros connections.

     America does not want war with Iran. No. America wants peace. Peace with all.

     We know, Ukraine was coming out of Russia corruptions. Unilaterally, criminal Drumf with his goons entered to destroy Ukraine and make it even more corrupt. And it never had to happen. Iran was coming to terms and peace in the region with it;s neighbors. Assasinators Drumf Pompeo entered unilaterally and destroyed the peace in Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan and the region. And it never had to happen. Repeat. Venezuela and how many other countries abused by criminal Drumf. That criminal Drumf M O.
     Drumf started the fights and scats like the dirty rat.
     Drumf pays no price, ever and Drumf did it all. Repeat. Drumf taxes too.
     The Russia connections. Spy Drumf and too many to list.
     Criminal Drumf has destroyed the Presidency, the nation and the world for Right Wing Extremists everywhere. Un-American. Repeat, spy Drumf.
     Drumf lied and people died. It never had to happen. Iran. Iran. Butt, Drumf was egged on by the all nazi Koch bros personnel. Repeat. Your all Republican 53 nazi Koch bros Senate too with treacherous traitor Drumf. Repeat. Iraq War 2003 and Iran Drumf War 2020. All Republican crimes against us.

     The Russia Putin Drumf connections. The Russia connections. Don't worry, Drumf is protecting us. Drumf Pals like this & Drumf Pals like that. Drumf danger, perfidy Pence is thrilled. Drumf and the Russia connections.

     Pals of Drumf. The Drumf of justice, aka, the doj, Bill DissBarr. The justice of Drumf. Drumf pefidy Pence. Witness tamperings. The nsc Drumf. Repeat. The Drumf of nsc justice. The chief of swamp. Drumf has killed the nsc all Drumf ugly. Sos. Drumf killed the FDA too.

     The nazi Koch bros SCOTUS. Poison. Criminal. Swamp Monsters. All for the nazi Koch bros. Repeat.

     Slovenia. Sweden too. Russia. Hungary. Right Wing extremists are major downers for women. Drumf is the worst.
     Taiwan. Nepal. Taiwan. Taiwan. China. Taiwan.
     Oman. Oman. Tripoli. Iran.