John Blyth

Your criminal Drumf regime in the D.C. swamp 2020.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:54:40 AM | Back to Blygs

     Clearly Iran did the better over Drumf. Drumf is danger to us all. The Russia connections. Drumf Iran. And we can thank European diplomats, after Drumf, Steve hate us all Bannon and the nazi Koch bros fired all of our diplomats. After Drumf tried to kill NATO repeatedly. Failure Drumf. Repeat. Danger. Right Wing Extremism "fly in" by the Nazi Koch bros Koch nazi Werks, Grover NRA Norquist. Repeat, for decades. very much the same as a drive by. Only far more dangerous. Freaky Drumf. Repeat. Very Drumf ugly. The Drumf banana republic. Give Drumf a banana and one more. 2020.

     The DoT. Drumf is thrilled. The Drumf hause. Bribery and Extortions. Repeat. Criminal Un-"American Oligarchs." Repeat. Those Russia connections.

     Drumf ugly. Swamp Monsters. All for the nazi Koch bros. Then there is E.

     Kenya. Congo.