John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

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     The good 116'th Congress. The good Congress. Adam Schiff is monumental. The good Congress
     Versus. Freaky Drumf perfidy Pence. Shakedown Drumf. Drumf 'neckbones. Abuse of powers.
     Criminals Drumf perfidy Pnece Russia connections. Bribery and extortions. Oligarch criminal Drumf and perfdiy Pence is thrilled. Everyday. The Russia connections. Nope, no whistle blowers. The Drumf witnesses continue now. Drumf witness es. Shakedown Drumf. The criminal Drumf policy in Ukraine. Drumf hoodlums and henchmen, for the Russia connections. Bribery and ectortions. Drumf perfidy Pence.
     The NSC. Secret servers. & Drumf treachery with sabotage against us. All Republican Chaos and anarchy. You'll see. Robert Mercer, The Koch bros and Putin Russia connections. The CoS deep state of Drumf. Drumf hoodlums and henchmen. All nazi Koch bros personnel and spies. Impeach, remove and convict.
     The good Congress. Heroes. Repeat. Heroes.
     You'll see. Nazis everywhere in the swamp. Republican criminals, Shakedown Drumf. The whistle blower is irrelevant. Oligarch Gangster Drumf Russia connections and money launderings. All Republican Congress approved against us for 7 nazi Koch bros decades and guaranteed to nazi repeat. Everyday. Fraud Drumf with that genuine all nazi Koch bros personnel.