John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:12:13 AM | Back to Blygs

     Treacherous traitors all. Finks and dirty rats. The Russia connections. Your irritated bowel dawgs Drumf perfidy Pence. The nazi Koch bros are thrilled and pay no price, ever. Freaks like this. Spies. Drumf perfidy Pence. Chaos and anarchy. You'll see.Grover and Bannon did a curtsey. Drumf crimes against us. The Russia connections.Unfit, inelligible and total frauds, your all Republican party of Drumf perfidy Pence. Moscow Mitch say's soo. And no crime left undone. Cruel, inept and a danger to the nation. Drumf needs to pre-pay $ Alabama. Failure Drumf. Drumf taxes. Drumf spies. Drumf is a mess. There is Drumf now. Yikes. Moscow Mitch is thrilled. Criminal Drumf.

     Shakedown Drumf. NY. Bribery and extortions. Abuse of powers. OoC. OoJ. Witness tamperings. All Republican. Repeat. Killer Drumf.

     Drumf is thrilled. The RNC and the Russia connections. The Chief of Swamp, the Drumf of swamp, CoS. William dissssBarr Drumf, the Drumf of justice. The Drumf of state, sos all nazi Koch bros personnel there. Perfidy Pence is thrilled. NATO. Killer Drumf with Steve hate us all Bannon. Robert Mercer and Putin are thrilled. Dangerous Drumf. Republican Congress makes it all happen nazi and keeps it all nazi repeating for the Koch bros. Every day. Repeat. Treaties busters, all and the Drumf assault against justice.

      State. Swamp creatures. Thievage. Drumf disease in Florida. Drumf killed it all.

     Viet Nam. China. Japan. Cambodia. India. Cambodia. India. India.
     Latin America. Bolivia. Bolivia. Bolivia.
     The Saudi connections. Iran. Jordan. The Saudi connections. The Saudi Drumf spy connections.