John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:17:41 AM | Back to Blygs

     We know Drumf is being leaked on something awful. The Russia connections. And Drumf is thrilled. You'll see, thrilling Drumf. Shakedown Drumf Ukraine. Criminal Drumf. Nobody is thrilled like Drumf, nobody. Abuse of powers. Repeat. Everyday. Bribery and extortion. OoC. OoJ. Collusions. Aiding and abetting. Complicit conspiracy to defraud and overthrow the U.S. government, the Drumf of justice, the American people and all entities therein. Spy Drumf. Criminals like that.
     Whistle blowers will not be needed as there is already far more informations and witnesses than the whistle blowers had knowledge of. Meanwhile, the Drumf criminal crime factory will stop at nothing to sabotage us all bigly. Repeat. Drumf is thrilled with that.

     Criminals Drumf, Steve Bannon turned off all law enforcemements worldwide. Fascist unilateral Drumf perfidy Pence. The Administrative State decimated. Drumf Perfidy Pence with Grover NRA Iran -Contra Norquist. The State dept wiped out and now completely nazi owned and controlled by the nazi Koch bros. All sos there, Kansas too. The nazi Koch bros Trade Wars. The CoS, the Chief of Swamp, all nazi ugly. Killed the NSC, killed it bad. The Drumf anti science Paris Accord and all other UN and NATO treaties. All treachery and traitors for the nazi Koch bros regime. Robert Mercer and Putin. The Saudi connections. Glut. Sinister traitor with treachery Drumf Syria. Drumf ISIS Iraq. Treachery ISIS. Iraq. Repeat. Criminal Drumf Russia Libya connections against us. Treacherous Drumf. Criminal Drumf Iran. Our good allies abused and re-abused by Drumf.. Make Drumf Republicans Rich Again with more Putin stolen gold bars from Venezuela. Repeat. Make Drumf Republicans Rich Again. Grover NRA Norquist did a curtsey. Drumf Pals like that.

     Criminals Drumf perfidy Pence also turned off all law enforcements nationwide by realeasing prisoners back to the hoods. Oklahoma and more. Fascist unilateral Drumf criminalizations against us. Climate killer Drumf. Drumf perfidy Pence and the Nazi Koch bros are poisoning us all badly. Everyday. Drumf perfidy Pence tortured farmers. Aided and abetted by the nazi Koch bros new world odor, Corporate sabotage. Legalized dope, gambling, vice and vices. You name it Drumf wants to decriminalize all and everything. All for crime and kill the government. Drumf spies, The 2019-2020 all Republican Government Shutdown to come. Drumf spies. And Drumf pays no price, nothing and drumf get's paid, stolen gold bars from crimes against humanity Venezuela via Turkey with Putin.

     And it never had to happen. None of it. But, was all nazi forced against us everyday by your all Republican Koch bros Congress'ssss for 7 decades. Repeat.

     Japan. China.