John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:52:28 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connections. Spy Drumf is a Russia asset. Awful Drumf. Drumfgate International and much more. Spies Drumf perfidy Pence make Drumf rich again. Repeat. Make Drumf rich again. Repeating Drumf ugly. Treachery and bribery. Every day. Repeating criminal Drumf treachery and bribery. Drumf could not care less. Despicable. Drumf probage. A bad read. Yikes. Drumf crime and criminals in the swamp. Very ugly, Drumf spies and Drumf is thrilled. The IG. The IG. The IG. Horrifying. Drumf does not work us for and never will. Big fart Drumf perfdiy Pence. All Republican Congress approved, smelled, inhaled and enjoyed bigly and badly. Repeat, everyday more crimes by Drumf perfidy Pence and their hoodlum henchmen. That Drumf criminal crime factory in the swamp. Drumf could not care less. Criminal bribery, conspiracy, extortion, blackmail, OoJ Drumf. Holding countries hostage to and for ganster criminals. Drumf perfidy Pence. That genuine Koch bros personnel. The Drumf of justice william dissBarr. Conspiracy. OoJ. Cover-ups. The CoS. Drumf counsel. Grover Norquist. Steve Bannon. Worldwide. Total fraud Drumf. Fascist freak, despot Drumf.

     Not the first time, Drumf criminal repeat. Drumf, the CoS and the Koch bros are killing the National security Counsel, All Criminal. And Putin is the bigly and badly weinner. Drumf spies like that. The NSC with criminal Drumf sabotage and treachery. Repeat. It is your all Republican Senate that made it all happen nazi for the Koch bros and keeps it all repeating nazis against us. Everyday. Drumf spies and Drumf pays no price, ever. Drumf spies. Drumf rabitt holes with spies. As Drumf sold us all out repeatingly, everyday, to China, Russia and any bidder at all. Treachery with debauchery Drumf.
     Rapidly accelerating Drumf Impeachment. Drumf perfidy Pence. Multiple new whistleblowers have come forward. For 'neckbones.

     Drumf is killing America. Drumf failures. Criminal.

     Zimbabwe. Mozambique.
     China. China. The DoC and Drumf are thrilled with their subversions to and for China. Nepal and blame the Drumf. India. Hong Kong, Drumf. China.
     Ecuador. Sos is in Italy. Argentina.
     Iraq. The Saudi Drumf connections. Egypt. Iran Drumf. Israel Drumf.