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     London Live. London Tower; calling spies, treachery and sabotage, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Dominic Cummings. Nazis against the UK. Freaks and horrids like that. A ghastly mess. Boris Cummings will destroy Ireland. Farage is nazi thrilled. Total fraud. The Boris Johnson Cummings fraud of getting paid for no work done and to get paid for another 5 weeks of no work done is crime on crimes. Apply the court injunctions against Boris for failure to do his jobs, which are all frauds against the UK and throw them all in London Tower. It, Boris fraud and proroguing, must be stopped now and not allowed to continue criminally without end. Proroguing is a Nazi criminal purge against all of Parliament. Remain. Britain. The Dominic Grieve Yellowhammer publishings about Boris Johnson's no work done and proroguings at 10 should be published forth with and no delay. Parliament approved. Due by Wedsday night at 11 If not, multiple criminal injunctions will put Boris and his entire cabal in jail. Boris had been leaked on all over, all Drumf ugly. Freaky Boris Johnson and his cabal are all nazi failures.

     Now, the great Commons Speaker, John Bercow, will step down Oct 31st, 2019. A dreadfull loss to the UK. Hark. Hark. Hark. Hark. Hark. Linsey Oil?

     Meanwhile, Boris failure Johnson is killing jobs and the economy. Nazi destructions. Royal ascent is done. Boris Johnson is an extreme minority freak show. Remain. Brexit nazis are a bust. Boris has won nothing since mid July. Remain. There will be no snap election. There is no, no-deal brexit. Remain. The Boris sherper is a fraud. Boris failure Johnso has been rejected and slapped down like Drumf. Remain. There will be no election until at least November 21st, 2019 at the earliest. 2 more nasty defeats for spy Boris. Remain. Boris spy Johnson is finished, rejected and slapped very badly by Parliament. 5 ugly defeats for Boris. Remain. 6 bigly, ugly, Boris defeats in a row. Boris all failure Johnson and his nazis freaks should resign tonight. Remain.
     London Tower; calling Nazi criminals Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Nigel Farage. The good Parliament, usurped by nazi criminals. The Queen said soo. The Queen said soo.

     Vote for Jo Swinson, revoke article 50 and burn the nazis criminal brexit down, one time all time. UK move on.

      September 17th, 2019. Gina Miller court case is next.

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