John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:01:22 AM | Back to Blygs

     Treacherous traitors. Moscow Mitch Republicans. The all Republican party of Drumf, wholly owned and strictly controlled by the nazi Koch bros. Mitch McConnell Republicans. All Republican. The Moscow Mitch Grover Norquist NRA. racketeered protected for decades by Moscow Mitch Republicans. Moscow Mitch McConnell and all CoS nazi personnel Republicans. Burning America down to and for Nazi Koch bros sabotages. Every nazi day. There is Moscow Mitch McConnell now.

     All Republican nazi Koch bros care and nazi capitulations, nazi serfdom. The nazi Koch bros new world odor. Your all Republican Senate says soo, for nazi decades. Criminal traitors all. Your all Republican Congress made cigarettes happen and keeps all criminal health hazzards happenings against us. Every Republican day. Drumfcare. = Koch bros care. Republican care = Nazi Koch bros care. Big tobacco. All Republican Congress approved, aided and abetted. No changes and no charges. Soo, Republican. Soo death culture Republican. And, you guessed it, it is the nazi Koch bros new world odor, all Republican party of Drumf. 7 decades of the nazi Koch bros JBS of hate death culture Republican Congress.