John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:48:40 AM | Back to Blygs

     Make Drumf Rich Again. Corruptions. The Russia connections. Treachery. There is Drumf now. Subterfuge. Spies like that. Criminal Drumf perfidy Pence. Traitorus dawgs. All Republican Congress approved. Freaky nazi frauds doing no work for years, Drumf perfidy Pence and raising dark monies illicitly from day one, 2016 on the no election campaign trails of GOP RNC, RGA with ALEC, criminalities on Russian steroids. Drumf. org. Money The criminal Drumf perfidy Pence, CoS nazi Koch bros personnel. Everyday. The DoC. The Koch bros Republican Congress, the DoT, Wall St and the new world odor free (Libertarian insider) market enterprise nazi Koch bros system = Brent Crude, should be at $ 43. Consumers pay all the difference. The Nazi Koch bros pays no price, nothing and not one road fixed. Do you see the Nazi koch bros there.

     Pals like that. Tief Drumf. Loves to be robbing your children. Drumf robbing our allies. Nazi commander and teif Drumf robbing the Navy. Killer Drumf. Drumf has robbed everyone. And do not forget, Drumf has not paid taxes in 35 years. Drumf is robbing our good farmers to death. The criminal Drumf trade war is robbing us all bigly and badly. Do you see the nazi Koch bros killing America? It is all for the nazi Koch bros. All Republican Mitch McConnell nazi Congress with CoS approved and guarenteed to nazi repeat. Repeat.

     Drumf failures. Disgusting, the Drumf among us. All Republican CoS nazi personnel.

     Swamp Monster Koch bros taxes against us in your RGA State. The Nazi Koch bros pay no price. State taxpayers get all the nazi Koch bros bills to pay. Everyday and every nazi time. Repeat. And, in fact, the nazi Koch bros have robbed super-funds toxic clean-up funds in your State for decades. All Republican Congress rubber stamped approved and robbed to death. X 1 million, X PA 560,000. All those Koch bros robbed super-funds monies now in offshore money launderings acconts in Panama, the Caymen Islands and more. No charges and no nazi changes. All Republican. All for the Nazi Koch bros. Drumf un-realities.

     We know, proroguing is in fact, nazi criminal purging of the entire Parliament. The Gina Miller court case to the Supreme Court should be rapidly excelled rendering a complete final ruling against proroguing Parliament, no later than tonight. Lest the nazis prevail. Freaky Boris Badanuff. Nigel Farage, Demonic Cummings nazi spies, Boris Johnson failures.
     UK. The EU. Lords approval. Fraud mess Boris Johnson. The damage done, Putin is thrilled. No work, fraud imposter Boris Johnson with the election that is not. Disgusting. Right Wing Extremists. Boris Johnson is a freak. Nazis like that. All for Robert Mercer, the bishop and the Nazi Koch bros. Boris Drumf. All fraud. Bloody England. The nazi Koch bros are thrilled with their fuedalisms. Treachery and sabotage. A ghastly mess.
     Italy. Ukraine Drumf. The Russia connections. 
     Putin Drumf. St. Petersburg Drumf swamp.
     Hong Kong. The China connections. China. China Drumf. Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong, China Drumf
     Turkey. Syria. The Saudi Arabia connections. Syria. Iran Drumf. Saudi oil. The Middle East.
     Zimbabwe. The African connections.
     Afghanistan sos. It is all Drumf failures. Afghanistan. Drumf failures. Afghanistan. No deal Drumf. Afghanistan. Afghanistan. Another Drumf bad deal. Afghanistan. Drumf failure. Taliban Drumf.