John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

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     Drumf perfidy Pence. The JBS of Hate and the Russia connections. Farmers. Very Drumf ugly. There is Drumf now and Drumf is thrilled. Tremendous Drumf failures. Drumf is thrilled like an old banana.

     The all Republican nazi Koch bros personnel party of Drumf assault continues now. Ever more Drumf ugly, in the swamp. Destabilizing the world to bring you nazi serfdom. Your all Republican Mitch McConnell Senate says soo. Drumf is robbing the military again now. Repeat. Your all Republican party of Drumf is robbing the snott out of our good military. Every not one pinto bean day. El Maligno. El Feo. El Mentiroso. Drumf. Nobody robs Puerto Rico like Drumf.

     Hack job Drumf renegged on Poland and went on vacation golfing again. Sent perfidy Pence to his Ireland golf course with lots of too many staff. Then, the resident vagrant Drumfed on Pence in Poland to remind them all of the nazi invasion 80 years ago. Freaks like that. All Republican fraud. Drumf perfidy Pence. Freaks like this.

     Criminal ANWR Swamp Monsters and make Pals of Drumf Rich again. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. Criminal swamp creatures. Antebellum arcanities against us. Do not forget all of those insiders informations given to the nazi Koch bros to make massive derivatives against us. Criminal insiders informations from the Koch bros CoS, the DoT and Congress money makers. Every nazi day.

     See Parliament. David Republican Tory Cameron started the conservative brexit nazi mess and scat with the money to offshore accounts Caymen Islands.
     Stop the Coup. Nazi spies and sabotuers. Remain. Nazi spy Boris for Russia. A nazi purge. Yikes. Proroguing Parliament is the nazi crime of Boris Johnson and cabal pals doing no work at all for another 4 weeks. Howling for undermine there. Cabal. Stop the Coup. Remain. Stop the Coup.  Remain. The quickest loss in over 100 years. Boris Johnson slapped Drumf ugly. Nazis. Yikes. The odds have it, the odds have it. Or? Do they? Vote for Jo Swinson in the new UK election. Remain. And burn the nazis down. All of 'em. Meanwhile, freaky spy Boris, the lords, the nazi 1%, the bishop with Robert Mercer will stop at nothing to kill the UK. The pound and more, brexit bulletin. Remain. Stop the Coup. Remain. Stop the Coup. Boris Johnson is slapped bigly and badly. Stop the slouch. Remain. Stop the spies, lies and nazis. Remain. Remain. Nazi spy Boris Johnson has been slapped down and out. The nazi Coup has been averted for now, but the nazis scum will be back. The illicit fraud (90,000/ out of 148 million voters in the UK) Boris nazi Johnson is utterly worthless.

     London Live.
     Of course, it was fascist to watch the Tory Republicans after the slap down defeats of illicit fraud Nazi Boris Johnson late yesterday, model and and pose for who among them is most loyal to and for the unelected lords. Not to mention the fascist Tory Republicans auditions to be a most and more vile lord wannabees than the dirty Tory Republican rest. 
     Ireland may be purged after proroguing. Not good. Vey bad. Boris Johnson burning down Ireland. And nazi Boris Johnson could not care less. Nazis.
     Never mind the election. But, for those that want election, vote for Jo Swinson.
     Will Parliament not obey the proroguing and go to work diligently? Yes. And all the good people will say hooray. Proroguing is an abuse of powers by nazi spies Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Cummings and never should have happened. Proroguing should be recinded immediately as it is a nazi criminal purge on and against all of Parliament. A 4 week paid holiday for the nazis illicit Boris Johnson spy cabal not to work is criminal. The crime is fraud, ghost payrolling, impersonating a PM and criminal nazi hijackings of Parliament and all government. The crime is nazi hijacking, sabotage and ruination of the UK by Boris Johnson Nazi Nigel Farage, Cummings Russia spies criminals. Repeat. No-deal brexit means = Boris does not have to do any work at all, ever. No letters to the EU. No proposal, no negotiations, nothing. Just crash out the UK and nazi kill 'em all. Putin will be thrilled.
     Of course, by Parliament not proroguing, that would make spy fraud Boris Johnson and his nazi cabal work. Nazis do not like work. Boris, Cummings and Nigel Farage never wanted to work. And should the nazis be made to work is the last thing the nazi party of failure ever wanted. Work 'em. Work 'em all ugly and work the nazis to death.
     Work to end brexit today, by passing all of the new laws that will not allow it all to repeat nazi happen. Pass all of the new laws, updates and modernities, checks and balances needed to, for and never again Nazi forced hostile takeovers. End the failed rules, laws and protocols, the bad outdated arcanities that made and make it all repeating nazis. 90,000 nazi voters out of 148 million good people. Bring all of the new laws up to date now. Nazis hate that. And do it all in 4 weeks time. Can be done. Yes, it all can be done in 4 weeks. Work the nazis out. Do it, do it, do it all now. Illicit nazi Boris Johnson is toast. End the proroguing and burn Boris Nazi brexit down now. One time all time.
     Boris allies are dropping like fly's.
     Brazil Drumf. Brazil Drumf.
     Afghanistan. Afghanistan. India.
     Hong Kong. Hong Kong. Hong Kong. Drumf China. Drumf China. Japan.