John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:37:07 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your all Republican Congress made it all domestic terrorisms death and keeps it all repeating mass murder deaths against us. Moscow Mitch and Paul Opiods Ryan are thrilled with that. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. The all Republican Congress's are the Koch bros money making and money launderings machine. Opiods. Opiods. Opiods. Sinister crimes against humanity criminals. 

     Think you know? # Numb'R's. By the Domestic Terrorist nazi Koch bros Opiods mass murder taxes against us. 500 Billion per state, o'h no. look again. 572 million opiod dollars = 1/30th, of. 1/7th. 572 million x 30 =  17 Billion dollars robbed from your state. X 7 never prosecuted Co's in all Republican Koch bros Oklahoma = ___.  Or 119 Billion dollars.  X 2,000 opiods lawsuits to come = _____. Or 238 Trillion dollars robbed by the nazi Koch bros Opiods mass murders taxes against us. 238 Triliion dollars divided by 50 states = ____. Or 4 trillion 760 million dollars per state nazi Koch bros mass murders opiods domestice terrorisms against us.
     = Nazi Koch bros mass murders opiods death taxes against us in your state.. The domestic terrorists nazi Koch bros pay no price, nothing, ever. Domestic Terrorism Nazi Death taxes against us for criminal decades. To kill nazi America. Shifty. All Republican Paul Opiods Ryan Congress approved. Pain. $. Sufferings. Trama. $. Hospitals. Rehab. $. Nightmares and horrors not nazi Koch bros crimes against humanity included. Do you see the sinister nazi Koch bros now? Well do ya? 400,000 U.S. mass murders, nazi Koch bros nazi induced opiods poison deaths, all nazi domestic terrorisms, not includded. That nazi Koch bros new world odor is death. Poison U.S. deaths.

     Moscow Mitch NRA with the Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS are thrilled. Domestic Terrorisms. Moscow Mitch could not care less. Mass murders. Moscow Mitch with your all Republican domestic terrorists Congress made it all nazi and keeps it all nazi for the Koch bros to mass murder us all at nazi will. Mitch McConnell with Paul Opiods Ryan are thrilled. Up your Moscow Mitch NRA. Domestic Terrorisms against us. Every day. Repeat. Moscow Mitch NRA Congress makes and keeps it all repeating mass murders against us. You know, that nazi Koch bros NRA tax. Mass Murders. Domestic Terrorisms against us. Texas NRA, RGA with ALEC mass murders, guaranteed to all Republican domesti terrorist repeat. Repeat. Soo important, ease of access to guns. Moscow Mitch. the NRA, RGA with ALEC. All Republican masss murders. Grover NRA Norquist does a curtsey. Ludicrious for Nazis. To kill America. Repeat. The Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Repeat. The nazi Koch bros Grover NRA Norquist pay no price, nothing, ever. We get shot to pieces, mass murdered, with all the nazi Koch bros mass murder, death taxes against us to pay. Moscow Mitch and the all Republican OoJ Senate says soo. The nation held hostage to, by and for Nazi Republicans.

     All of the things your all Republican Koch bros Congress's would not do for us. 7 deacdes of the nazi Koch bros.

     All Republican Congress approved. Repeat. Stephen mein kampf Miller.