John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:32:32 AM | Back to Blygs

     Terrorists El Maligno  Drumf, Criminals Putin and the Nazi Koch bros. There is criminal Drumf now. Freaky fascism. Terrorrists Drumf Koch bros nazi personnell CoS, perfidy Pence for the Nazi Koch bros and Putin. Currencies and more. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Destabilizing the fed, the IMF and the world bank. Criminally usurping false non legal tenders. Drumfbook with Nazi Koch bros viciousness. The China connections. That China connection. This China connection. Spies lies and Drumf. Drain the Drumf. The Russia connections. Drain the domestic terrorists swamp. Pals of Drumf. Pals of Drumf like this and complete criminal Drumf nazi Koch bros frauds like that. Drain the criminal terrorists swamp bigly and badly. Crime and criminal Drumf perfidy Pence. Terrorsts. The Nazi Koch bros wholly owned and strictly controlled all criminal Republican Congress makes and keeps it all criminal repeating terrorisms against us. Dreadfully unpopular, the criminal Drumf among us. NRA lover El Maligno Drumf. You'll see, Drumf Pals like this and Drumf hause Pals like that. Criminals Make Pals of Drumf Rich Again. The DoC. Drumf horrids. And another Drumf NRA victory lap. All taxpayer paid for, how much did that cost? Meanwhile, the Nazi Koch bros very own CoS personnel brain drain continues. Nazi forced attrition. Out with the good old and in with ever more nazi Koch bros personnel. The all Republican right wing extremist criminal assault against us. Everyday. All Republican Moscow Mitch Congress approved and guaranteed to nazi repeat. Drain the nazis. The Nazi Koch bros all criminal Republican party of Drumf assault against us continues now. All Drumf ugly. Government haters. Swamp creatures like that. Terrorist El Maligno. Drumf treachery and sabotages against us. Drumf nazi Koch bros NRA domestic terrorisms against us. The Russia connections. Right Wing Extremists, you know, Nazis by every utter name and criminal definition, aka, the Nazi Koch bros criminal deep state, they like to call themselves (nazi spies for the nazi Koch bros new world odors) conservatives. Sinister. The nazi Koch bros JBS of hate against us. Fascists. Steve hate us all criminals Bannon with Stephan nazi Miller are nazi hate thrilled against us. Nazi fascists. The Nazi Koch bros very owned criminal, Chief of Swamp, Mick Muvaney, CoS is thrilled. Nazi Koch bros sabotages against us. Anti Union, anti Labor,  jobs busters Nazi Koch bros personnel CoS with Drumf. Everyday, more nazis. And Drumf is blowing criminal kisses to Putin. SoS. Drain the nazi swamp. Freaky Drumf is thrilled like a fascist banana. The Drumf of justice, Drumf spies. The Drumf of justice. Will the nazi Koch bros be infiltrated? Nah, no chance with Drumf of justice Bill Barr..Sinister, sinister, sinister. Pals of Drumf like that. The Drumf of justice Barr with nazi CoS criminal sabotages against us. That NRA Drumf victory lap, Terrorist Drumf loves NRA gun massacres. El Paso, Texas. It is all nazi Koch bros, Drumf domestic terrorisms against us. Freaky Drumf. Your all Republican criminal party of Drumf. Putin failures. Repeat. Using government to create market distortions is (all Nazi Koch bros deep state) national conservatism's agenda. See massive Nazi Koch bros derivatives against us everyday for 7 decades. Massive money launderings worldwide. Criminally repeat. All insiders informations made possible by the Nazi Koch bros criminal Repulican Congress's. All XXX nazi Koch bros repeat offenders. That Koch bros Congress's money making machine. Moscow Mitch Congress's. Libertarian criminals too. See Drumf sabotaging us all. All Drumf ugly. Drumf is killing America bigly and badly. Terrorist Drumf for the nazi Koch bros. Domestic terrorisms. To nazi terrorist Koch bros kill America. All Moscow Mitch McConnell all Republican Senate appoved, every nazi day. Horrifying. Drumf horrids. And, Drumf could not possibly, NRA, $ 30 million dollars, care less. The never charges and no changes all Nazi Koch bros are thrilled with their all Republican party of Drumf hate with debaucheries and treacheries against us for 7 decades. And hey, do not forget that 1.5 Trillion dollar all Republican Paul nazi Koch bros Ryan Congress tax (thievery) cut. The Drumf economy. The criminal nazi Koch bros Thomas Nazi Koch bros Hofeller files. All domestic terrorisms Drumf treacheries against us. Murder. Sinister Drumf of justice murder, extrotion and blackmail. It is all Drumf money launderings. XXX repeat offenders. Drumf loves a swinger and that bill barr Drumf of justice lie. Repeat. The Drumf NRA. $30 million dollar NRA Drumf. The criminals Drumf perfidy Pence, Nazi Koch bros regime of hell for hate against us. Drumf is a serious criminal danger to the world and us. You'll see, total Drumf sabotage and treacheries against us. Drumf failures. Drumf failures are a total bustout. Every criminal Nazi Koch bros day. To kill America. Nazi Koch bros fuedalismThe criminal Drumf among us. All Nazi for the Koch bros. Putin Republicans are thrilled. Moscow Mitch McConnell says soo. NRA spy pals like that. The criminal Koch bros SoS, perfidy Pence and CoS are thrilled like bananas. Cattle rustling, claim jumpings, federal lands poachings and etc..... The criminal Nazi Koch bros pay no price, nothing, ever. Strip minings. Environement thievages against us. You name the crimes. Sinister Koch bros. Critter killers. How about a little nazi Koch bros cyanide with that. Diabolical. That genuine all Nazi Koch bros personnel are all up in it. Freaky Drumf. Disguting. Drumf Deplorables. Nazis like that. Nazi Koch bros personnel like this and the CoS. Nazi Koch bros Pals. All Nazi criminals. Criminal Drumfbook money launderings. Sponsored by your all Republican Nazi Koch bros Congress's aidings and abettings. Racketeerings too. Drumf perfidy Pence fraud. You'll see, tremendous Drumf failures, sabotage with treason. Drumf frauds and failures. Drumf is thrilled like an old banana. You'll see, treacherous traitor, total Drumf fraud, OoJ, Collusions to kill America. Con man Drumf. Louse!  Drumf.

    Treacherous sabotages. Swamp monsters, the nazi Koch bros climate change. Criminal. Terrorist Pals of Drumf killing our good farmers. Crimes against us. Swamp creatures. Climate killers. Swamp creatures. The nazi Koch bros scorched earth policies of hate. The Nazi Koch bros very owned Drumf CoS, chief of swamp is thrilled with their killings against us. Ethanol = all nazi Koch bros crimes against humanity. 1% destructos. Earth killers. Housing killers. Swamp creatures like that. Drumf plagues and vermin against us continue now. Swamp creatures.

     Terrorist Drumf, destabilizing India Pakistan. Kashmir. India. India Drumf.
     Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong, China.
     China Drumf against U.S. Farmers. Make Pals of Drumf Rich Again. And burn America down. Sabotage and treason. The DoC. The DoT with Goldman Sachs. Steve nazi Bannon. Nigel Farange. The bishop and hell.
     UK Nazis. All for Right Wing Extremists Koch bros, Robert Mercer with Shelly. Repeat. Nazi spies. Remain remain, remain. Boris, Nigel and freaks like that. Remain. The Nazi Koch bros very owned for nazi spy decades. Putin is thrilled like a cossack banana.
     Putin wins again. The tremendous Drumf traitor Russia connections. Subterfuge  Criminal Drumf sells out America everyday. And criminal Drumf got paid. Fat long and Russian stupid. Putin is thrilled. Destabilizing the world to bring you the very worst of the nazis and nazi serfdom. Treachery with sabotages against us. Moscow Mitch with the all Republican Koch bros Congress makes and keeps it all repeating, death to America. Nazi for the Koch bros.

     The U.S.S. Blyth America has spoken.