John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:54:48 AM | Back to Blygs

     Pursuant to the facts; the Nazi Koch bros with Putin have exploited every loophole in the Constitutuion for the last 7 decades of hell. Is there any doubt the enemy within us is the Nazi Koch bros weaponized Constitution. More accurately. The U.S. may not pursue domestic terrorisms, crimes and criminals againt us. foriegn wars are not GAO nor CBO accountable. The Viet Nam war, the Iraq War. Weaponized immigrations against us. And etc..... Drumf is a menace and criminally wrong against us.

     There are no U.S. Congressional laws against domestic terrorism. The NRA no gun laws against us. And golly gawsh, what a Republican Nazi Koch bros Congress surprise, surprise, surprise.

     To be clear the nazi Koch bros all Republican Moscow Mitch Congress did not give us the laws to protect us and will not give us the laws to protect us. Never.

     To be clear the Nazi Koch bros completely owned and strictly controlled all Republican RGA with ALEC did not give us the laws to protect us and will not guve us the laws to protect us.
     All in the effect nazi crimes and taxes against us, nazi tax free. Taxpayers pay all enpenses enedlessy. All Republican Moscow Mitch taxes against us. For nazi decades. Repeat. Nazis.
     Add to that, the insidious evils of the Nazi Koch bros to never ever give us any Congressional definitions updates ever and as such leaving us all in antebellum antiquities of Nazi arcaneisms against us everyday. The electoral College. Senate  real representaions = 6 U.S. Senators in CA. unequal Senate representations for rural America and on and on Antiquities of all Republican failures for decades against. The Farm Bill. Immigration. Nazi Concentrations camps. Endless nazi Koch bros evils against brought to you by your all Republican Congress'ssss since the beginning.
     For it is not just a simplified howling for undermine. It is all Republican Nazi subversions against us every nazi day. To kill, stab and marauder the Constitution and all in it, in every vile nazi Koch bros Grover Norquist way.
     Just like Drumf, the criminals nazi Koch bros are hiding in plain sight behind the all Republican criminal Congress law. The original Koch bros money maker, Republican Congress'ssss. For 7 nazi decades.

     Creepy degenerate Drumf. El Maligno and the Russia connections. Drumf could not care less and the JBS of hate Nazi Koch bros are thrilled with their 7 decades of hate against us. Hate and divide. Divide and hate. Nazi Koch bros fuedalisms against us every day. Freaky horrids Drumf. Freaky creepy Drumf.

     Sinister Drumf, Sinister Drumf is mass murdering our good U.S. Farmers. Systematically. Sinister. Sinister Drumf failure. Make Pals of Drumf Rich Again and ruin America. Steve Bannon. Robert Mercer. Shelly with the all criminal Nazi Koch bros. Treachery. The Drumf DoTreasury. Freaks and horrids there.The DoTreasury Goldman Sachs. The DoChina, Census Wilbur Ross. All for the nazi 1%. The Nazi Koch bros own global currency brokerages, commodities brokerages and much nazi more globalized market makers and takers. Everyday. Treacherous Drumf failures. Putin is thrilled. Those Russia connections with sabotages against us. everyday.

     China. Drumf.