John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:43:19 AM | Back to Blygs

    Horrifying. Drumf. You'll see. Tremendous Drumf failures. Spies, lies, OoJ and Collusions Drumf. Drumf failure. You'll see, tremendous Drumf failres. Putin Drumf affectionados. Kissy face Putin Drumf. Drumf failures. And the Nazi Koch bros very own COS, Chief of swamp. Drumf failures. Drumfcare. Pimp job Drumf. Drumf failure. Drumf hate and Drumf is thrilled like a banana.

     The Koch bros SCOTUS. The Russia connections. & Drumf failure. Drumf does not like his job and the job does not like Drumf perfidy Pence. Pimp job Drumf failures.

     Swamp creatures.