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     USA soccer. Everybody enjoyed USA soccer

     Crime and criminals. Fascism. Fraud. The Thomas Hofeller files. Drumf has failed the Nazi Koch bros. And perfidy Pence is thrilled. Drumf failure. The Nazi Koch bros do not like that. Perfidy Pence is all grinns. Drumf has failed the Koch bros and Vlad Putin.

     Now Drumf has unilateraly acted to pursue the greatest data theft of all time with his already in the Drumf house spies. Perfdiy Pence is tickled pink. Spies like that. Drumf spies. Now  Drumf will Nazi require the entire federal government to spy on all immigrants everywhere. It is all Nazi for the nazi Koch bros. Nazi Drumf perfidy Pence, the Nazi Koch bros weaponized anti immigration ethnic cleansings. Repeat. Because we know Grover NRA Norquist was all up in that Drumf ugly mess.