John Blyth

The 2020 Presidential Election

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     Dreamers. Inquiry. Iowa & NH. Social medias? Elections rules, voids and the FEC. Discrepancies and antiquations. A Koch bros tax, + a petro chemical plastics, byproducts tax. Plus a save turtles and marine life tax. Item and Power Rankings. Beyond Carbon. Orlando. Women. Those Dems. These Democrats.

     Right Wing Extremists RGA with ALEC. Everyday. Paid for by the Nazi Koch bros. Repeat "Ratf**ked" nazis. Same as the gerry man derings RNC. Repeat nazis. Same as the RGA States that would not allow Drumf Immigrants. Hyde and more. Repeat nazis. The item is not the issue. Nazi Koch bros driving hate against us is the issue. Nazi RGA States eugenics and more. The issue is Koch bros hate for division and anxiety against us. The official position stands. Same as Heller Scalia NRA SCOTUS. For the Nazi Koch bros soo hated the world and all in it. Power and control. Insidious evil, the poisonous nazi Kochtopus bros. Do you see the Nazi Koch bros now. See the nazi Koch bros forced 35% abortion rate killing America for the last 7 decades and know it is the all  Republican nazis assault against us. Bad for business. The nazi Koch bros could not care less. Bad for business. The nazi Koch bros pay no price, nothing, ever. Do you see the nazi Koch bros all Republican Congress party of Drumf  Mass murders, domestic terrorisms against us now? Every nazi Koch bros kill us all day.

     It is all about the Nazi Koch bros government abuse. No singular issue, all issues and irk everybody. Same as all supresions and repressions. Nazi Koch bros RGA with ALEC privately owned, but publicly funded U.S Education thievages nationwide. Every nazi day. And repeat with RGA privately owned concentration camps funded by stolen non appropriated Congressional monies. Raising the anxiety index against us all, everyday. The Koch bros are mass murdrers of all Governments, City, County, State and Federal. Clogg the governments with all of the nazi wrong and terrible things that never had to nazi happen and force the issues against us. Every nazi day. Make 'em ornery and keep 'em ornery. Voters right abuses for nazi decades. Irk 'em. Right to work states, kill the unions. Nazi irk 'em. Hate 'em there. Minimum wages, kill that, repeat city, county, state and federal. Irk that. Nazis hate. Civil rights, burn 'em down.Welfare rights. No. corporate welfare rights, yes. Living wage, kill it, kill it all. Nazi repeat. Nazi Koch bros forced mass Immigrations of mass crimes against us, yeah more of that, since the Nazi Iraq War. Hate'em. Nazi forced Koch bros immigrations against us, everyday. Raising the anxiety index against us. Keep those dastardly Americans upset and don't you ever look or seek the Nazi Koch bros connections that did it all for JBS of Hate, decades against us and the world.  Same as the completely gamed Nazi Koch bros U.S Courts sytem for decades. There are 7 nazi Koch bros decades of why there has never been all Republican Congress "Tort Reform" and as such, the Koch bros best friend, arcane for the arcanity of it all. Repeat. No changes. Clogg the courts with nazi wrongs everywhere. Load it up with nazi judges to make sure it all stays nazi wrong for decades to come. Sufferage and nazi repeat sufferage.The nazi Koch bros all nazifications hate us all to death and beyond. Not one nazi thing, every nazi thing. Everyday. The nazi all Republican assault against us.

     A grand inquest inquiry. Issues.