John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:18:31 AM | Back to Blygs

     The real America apologizes to the world. We did not send the white trash Drumf there. 'Oh no. The total fraud Drumf, 2019. Fraud Drumf. Defector Drumf. Impersonating the President is a crime. 5 time deserter, Drumf. Freaky Drumf. Criminal. Spies, lies and Drumf. Collusions. Collusions and howling for undermine, the Russia connections. Drumf Collusions. The Nazi Koch bros. The shadow of allegations. Will Drumf defect to Russia from Ireland? Perfidy Pence is thrilled. Thrilling Drumf. Drumf Russia connections, aided and abetted by the Nazi Koch bros connections. Spies. Drumf Russia connections like this. It is all about Drumf perfidy Pence failures and robbing us all bigly and badly every rotten Drumf day. Drumf is thrilled, thrilled for his free family taxpayer paid European vacation. Total Drumf fraud and it never had to nazi happened. And how much did that nazi Drumf cost us? Europe is agasp. America has been nasty sabotaged all ugly by the Drumf. Everything is free for Drumf. Drumf dreadjury. Drumf pays no price, nothing and Drumf gets all collusion paid. Every Russia spy connections day. Drumf was thrilled. Don't poke the Grinch. European civility ruled the day. Drumf is on vacation again now in Ireland, golfing. Hack job Drumf.

      Treachery and traitors.
Felonious Drumf. Multiples of Nazi felonies Drumf. The Drumf NRA connections. The Drumf Mexico connections. Pals of Drumf like this and Drumf Pals like that. Crimes and killings there. The Drumf Saudi connections. And Drumf get's paid. The Drumf Saudi connections. Fat, long and stupid. Freaky Drumf. Spies like this & Spies like that.
     The Drumf connections. All criminal. Drumf like this and Drumf like that. Despicable. Another tremendous Drumf disaster. Everyday.
     There is no nazi doubt Drumf wants to sabotage and undermine Britains NHS. Soo Drumf ugly. Drumfcare for all in Britain. Nigel is trhilled. Boris is thrilled too. Drumf has sabotaged the nation in every vile way against us.

     The Nazi Koch bros Swamp Monsters  Your all Republican Congress party of Drumf say's soo. Every death day. Forcing mass crimes of humanity against us, worldwide. The Nazi Koch bros. All for the Nazi koch bros, Drumf. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures fraud.

     Russia. Russia. Venezuela
     Hong Kong, China.
     Syria. Iraq. Iran. Drumf is golfing now, in Ireland on taxpayer family paid vacation. They say Drumf brought over 100 tax free guests with him to Europe?