John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:24:29 AM | Back to Blygs

     U.S. Farmers. Drumf is the problem. Drumf perfidy Pence robbed our good farmers and taxpayers bail them out Drumf again. End the Drumf among us. Drumf is killing our good farmers. Drumf is the plague against us. Tremendous Drumf disasters against us. We all get triple robbed with higher prices for foods. And by the way see Koch bros crude on the ugly increase. Putin the wienner. The Russia connections. Willful treachery against us, everyday. The all Republican Drumf ugly race to the bottom by your all sabotage us bigly and badly Nazi Koch bros. Finks and dirty rats like that. See Drumf here and there, every total Drumf fraud day. All Drumf ugly. The Drumf perfidy Pence fascist regime. The killing of America by the enemy within us. Drumf will have us all pitching pennies at Drumf fraud tower, NY. OoJ, fraud with contempt. Repeat. The Russia connections OoJ, fraud with contempt. All nazi fascism. Repeat. It is all in Dons jons and Drumf is thrilled to ruin us all. For Putin, for China and for Right wing Extremists everywhere. freaks like that. Now, all that is remains is, you guessed it, Nazi serfdom. Deadly dangerous Drumf is playing with your life and Drumf could not care less. Do you see the insidious Nazi Koch bros now? Well, do ya? Do you see the Nazi Koch bros fuedalisms?  Conspiracy and fascism. All Nazi. Drumf Pals like this. Drumf will unilaterally fascist bankrupt America and not look back. All Republican Koch  bros Congress approved and guaranted to repeat until death and beyond. See Nazi Koch bros psycho graphics here with Nigel Farage Robert Mercer there and add Drumf information pollutions. Demagogue fascism. Your all Republican spy party of Drumf. You'll see, tremendous Drumf destructions and failures against the world and us. Horrifying. Freaks and horrids like that. All Right Wing Extremist and Drumf is thilled, pefdiy Pence too. The all Republican party of Drumf assault against law enforcements and us. Meanwhile Drumf spies and the 29 Russia connections are proceeding ever more compounding. The China connections. You'll see tremendous Drumf perfdy Pence is thrilled. Aka, destructive unilateral America-last treason and treacheries. Drumf spies

     Swamp creatures.