John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:16:59 AM | Back to Blygs

     Spies lies and Drumf. Treachery. The Drumf NRA spies and the Russia connections. Conspiracy with collusions too. The Russia connections. Finks and dirty rats like that. Your all Republican OoJ and fraud contempt party of Drumf. The RNC. Drumf Tower, NY. Drumf.Org. 12 of 14 SDNY and treacherous trators more. Every rat fink day. OoJ and fraud, repeat. Contempt, repeat. Drumf perfidy Pence 1.5 Billion dollar thievage. Plus Drumf wants  a new 4.5 Billion from Congress to fund his illegal privatized anti immigration concentration camps scam. Now Drumf has been slapped bigly and badly.

     Individual 1. Drumf perfidy Pence are killing our good farmers. And Drumf could not care less. Why? Because Drumf pals got paid and screw everyone else. Infidel 1.

     The nazi Koch bros Trade wars against us. Drumf perfidy Pence have no capcity to understand a Trade war. Drumf perfidy Pence are aiding and abetting Right Wing Extremists worldwide. Complicit conspiracy to kill American jobs by your all Republican party of Drumf. Murder and mayhem. Another 400,000 jobs robbed by your all Republican party of Drumf. To kill America. Drumf has plagued us all badly. Yikes and Drumf gets paid in the fibth floor of Drumf Tower, NY everyday. All Republican party of Drumf sabotage against us. Kablewy by domectic terronist jackals. The all Republican party of Drumf assault against workers continues now and the Nazi Koch bros are thrilled.
     Drumf is burning down all U.S. consumers. Drumf tyrany against farmers too. The China connections. The China connections. The China connections. The China connections. Steve Bannon, Drumf perfidy Pence. Those China connections.

     Swamp creatures all for the Koch bros. Freaks like that. Your all Republican party of Drumf are mass critter killers and all for the Nazi Koch bros, Steve Bannon, Right Wing Extremists.

     Crime and criminals. Everyday. Drumf the cruel and it never had ro happen.

     Iran. The American people do not want an all Republican party of Drumf war with Iran. And the good people of America want no confrontation with Iran for any reason. Infidel Drumf. Syria.
     Argentina. Venezuela. Drumf sos. Venezuela. Enter the all Republican party of Drumf. The Koch bros very own.
     Remain. Remain. Ireland. London and the world. Ukraine. Freaks for Drumf. Germany. Ukraine. Right Wing Extremists. Europe. Hungary.
     South Afica. Nigeria. Darfur, Sudan. South Africa. South Africa.
     India. Laos. Bangladesh. Hong Kong. Hong Kong.
     Rogue vagrant Drumf and vaccums against us.