John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

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     The Russia connections. The Russia connections. Collusions and spies. Spies and the Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Aiding and abetting. The Russia connections. Conspiracy + 16. Mortgage frauds. Drumf perfidy Pence Pals like that. Spies. Collusions and no pardonsCollusions and no pardons. It is all fraud and collusions, the Russia connections in Dons jons. Spies and collusions. Money launderings and witness tamperings. Drumf is thrilled with his Russia connections.

     Pollutions, poaching, logging, claim jumpers, wilcattings and more. Gee? Who could that be? For 7 decades of hell and no charges. The Nazi Koxh bros, you guessed it. Horrifying Drumf perfidy Pence Koch bros Pals like that.

     Old hat and Vanderbuilt. Grifters and sifters.

     Remain. Remain. Remain. Remain. The Pound and the VIX. Remain.  Let us look now. BPVIX. Cboe. VIX. BPCI. UK. Remain. Limbo ono. Remain.

     Remain. Remain. Remain.      Watch Remain Live here now. Hark Remain.