John Blyth

The Real Congress and all of the things your Republican Congress would not do for U.S.

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:18:05 AM | Back to Blygs

     The good Congress. The good 116'th Congress.

     Now Drumf perfidy Pence Republicans are cuting health care to the poor, the disabled and the elderly Incredibly cruel and viscious Drumf perfidy Pence Republicans. And it never had to happen. The heinous Paul Ryan all Republican dream come true. All for the Nazi Koch bros JBS of Hate. You remember Paul Ryan. Rob you Republican bigly. And now, count all the Republican ways the Nazi Koch bros regime will rob you. Rob you Republican badly to death. And yes, there is a solution. Let Drumf voters pay for it all. No one but Drumf voters, pay for it all.

     17 Russia connection probes. +1. Not a pinto bean Drumf.

     Nazi alert; The all Republican Nazi assault against us continues now.