John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:21:38 AM | Back to Blygs

     Cossack spies. Spies like this and Russia freaks. All those Russia coonections. The Russia connections. All Republican crimes against us. Howling for undermine and it is all Republican Drumf ugly. The Russia connections and hey, that all  Republican Paul Ryan Congress, Mitch McConnell Senate, never did ask any questions then nor there.

     The Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Complicit. The Russia connections. Collusion. The Russia connections. Conspiracy. The Drumf heir Pence all Republican assault against us must end now. The traitors and treachery of it all. Spies. All Republican. The killing of America. Cruel and unusual punishment. The criminal Drumf heir Pence regime, all Republican Congress approved and guarenteed to "Ratf**ked" repeat. Spies like that. Treachery. Willful wantun hate against us. Criminal. And it never had to happen, but was forced by the nazi Koch bros.

     Drumf heir Pence Republicans holding us all hostage. Cruel and ignorant Drumf heir Pence with your all Republican everything. It is called Nazi serfdom. Everyone working for nothing to get robbed and robbed and robbed to death for the Nazi Koch bros. The JBS of Hate. All Republican Congress rubber stamped approved and repeat for 7 decades of hell. Drumf heir Pence pay no price, nothing and we get robbed to death. The Drumf heir Pence, Dons jons, all Republican criminal Congress assault against us, the Constitution and all Institutions continues now. The Russia connections. Drumf heir Pence, soo wrong. Your unindicted Drumf heir Pence Dons jons regime. The Russia connections.

     Drumf is relishing it all very ugly. The bigly Drumf heir Pence stiff job. Not even one, pinto bean from Mexico. Your Pals Drumf heir Pence and the all Republican Paul Ryan, Mitch nazi Koch bros McConnell Congress. Everyday.

     The DoA, Drumf is pursecuting farmers for no reason and it is all Drumf heir Pence Nazi wrong. Drumf is killing farmers. The DoJ and the DoHS  all closed by the nazi Koch bros. Drumf heir Pence killed the FED too.
     Everybody loves the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard does not owe Drumf heir Pence and the Nazi Koch bros Republicans. The DoH. Republicans killing senior citizens. Don't care. Robbing disaster relief. Cruel and ignorant Drumf heir PenceBut Donny's dingbat lawyers say yes, rob us all bigly and badly. Drumf heir Pence and your all Republican do nothings have done major damage against us all. 85% of government activities are closed.  All for fascism Right Wing Extremists. What is Drumf heir Pence horrifying next? Barbarous Drumf heir Pence. And it is here that we must stop, to always remember, that it was the all Republican "Ratf**ked" Paul Ryan Congress, Mitch McConnell Seante that did not declare the 2016 Election null and void on December 1, 2016. Drumf never should have been sworn in and never should have been seated. There were plenty of known Russia connections, ample evidence of Russian interferences to that date Your all Republican "Ratf**ked" Congress and Senate willfully with treachery, failed America on purpose with malice for all. It was all Nazi. It was the Paul Ryan nazi Koch bros Congress, "Ratf**ked" Mitch McConnell Koch bros Seante, that did not do their jobs of checks and balances against known Russia hostile enemy forces. Thus propelling America into all Republican ruination with Nazi malice for all. Treachery and traitors all. OoJ, complicit collusion and conspiracy. We know the Drumf Texas boondoggle is all about claim jumping multiple properties for real estate Drumf and it is all ugly there. The Texas Drumf, terrrible Ted lie. And you guessed it, Texas will be Blue, 2020. You'll see, tremendous Drumf heir Pence in Dons jons. The willful wantun destruction of America by the Nazis and Putin is thrilled. The Koch bros are thrilled and Grover NRA Norquist too. Drumf Pals. See CoS Pals of cfpb Drumf there getting paid fat. All else suffer and die. Why? Because it is all for chaos and corruption, Your all Republican Drumf anything. All Republican weaponized Immigration, the nazi Koch bros very own heir Pence killed the dreamers again. Not even a pinto bean. Drain the swamp. Republicans are holding us all hostage. Drain the swamp. The bigly Drumf one step.

     Deadly Infidels Drumf heir Pence. Horrifying. Infidels, sos. Infidels, sos. Infidels, sos. And remember, Steve hate us all Bannon killed the State Dept long ago, in favor of Koch bros fuedalisn, world destructions and the deep state Nazi take over of the new world odor. Your all for fascism Drumf heir Pence Putin Republican everythangs. We all know it is the systematic destruction of our allies by the Nazi banana republic of Grover NRA Norquist and the Nazi Koch bros. Steve Bannon got paid again. Cold, calculated foreign policy destruction is a Drumf heir Pence brand.  All for nazi fascism, you'll see. Wrong, wreckless and derilict. Your anti science anti vaccine Drumf heir Pence.

     Swamp creatures. All for the Nazi Koch bros. Swamp creatures. Drumf heir Pence are dangerous. Danger. Right Wing Extremist swamp creatures. That genuine Nazi Koch bros personnel there in Dons jons. Swamp creatures. Drumf is poaching trees in National Forests and Interior Lands like a madman now. The total destruction of America by Republicans. All by rejectcutive order, bypassing SCOTUS and Congress.

     Let us never forget. It was the Paul Ryan Congres, Mitch McConnrl Senate with Drumf heir Pence that robbed 1.5 Trillion from Medicare & Medicaid = now equals 4 Trillion dollars added to the national debt. All for Corporate Cartels and the Nazi Koch bros new world odor. All Republican crimes against us.

     Remain. Remain. Remain. Remain. The EU. Remain.
     China. Japan. China. Japan.
     Cairo. Israel.
     Venezuela. Nicaragua. Mexico.
     Congo. Congo.
     Russia. Estonia. Russia.