John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:18:01 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Nazi Koch bros Drumf Pals. Mitch McConnell could end the shudown in 45 minutes. But no. Holding us all hostage against our will. The all Republican killing of America. Drumf Pals like this and Drumf Pals like that. Yick. Soo wrong and too late. All Right Wing Extremists. All Republican Weaponized Immigrations. Soo cruel. Destroyers. Total ruination as your all Republican treachery will stop at nothing to kill America. And never mind that python in the travel bag next to you. Republicans knew all of the pain and miseries the shutdown causes and could not care less and did it all with Nazi malice against us.. Sabotage. OoJ. & Conspiracy. There is nothing  American about it. And add that deadly all for big Corporate Cartels all Republican Congress's for deacades. Sssss. Sinister like a mug.

     Aiding and abetting all crimes against us, Your all Republican Congress makes and keeps it all getting worse everyday. It is unjust awful. $87 per hour 24/7 Congress. Cruel and relentless. Anything, but to do their job the right way. Nope. No. Nothing. And it never had to all Republican happen. Everytime. Repeat. Guaranteed.

     Your all Republican Paul Ryan, Mitch Koch bros McConnell Congress ownes the never had to happen 2018 - 2019 Government Shutdown against us. Cruel and sinister.

     Your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress. Toto too. Drain the swamp. The Grover NRA Noequist rule of all Republican Paul Ryan Congress.

     Republicans are holding us all hostage against our will. Drumf. Mitch Koch bros  McConnell. OoJ and complicit collusion. Paul Ryan with Mitch McConnell. Putin Republicans like that and the RGA. All Republican child abuse at 1 million dollars per day robbed from the Coast Guard and other illegally obtained U.S. Departments.

     Your all Republican sabotage of the nation. Republicans killing the USA. All fraud and complicit conspiracy. The all Republican assault against us continues now. All for Russia and all for Nazis. Disgusting.

     Questions? 247 years later. You'll see, tremendous Drumf heir Pence failures, all Republican doom of the nation.  Tremendous Republican thievage of America.