John Blyth


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     El Ateneo Grand Splendid. Books. Gadfly Drumf. That Drumf brand. Not one pinto bean, nada. You'll see tremendous Drumf heir pence disasters all multiplying very bigly and badly. Drumf lies are too much. Treachery. Tremendous frauds, Drumf heir Pence, Dons jons banana republicr regime. All for the Nazi Koch bros.

     Drumf heir Pence are dangers to us all. Tucker Carlson needs to be banished from the air waves with criminal charges of fraud and nazi propaganda. Debase fascism. Debase the unrepentant liar.

     Civilty is worth the time. Then, there is Drumf heir Pence. Everyday and the RGA private concentration camps of child abuse. Collusion. OoJ and on and on. Seriously. The unrepentant in Dons jons. Repeat fraud. Yikes.