John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:51:02 AM | Back to Blygs

     Domestic Terrorists, wise guys and hoodlums, that is all they are. The all Republican sabotage and under cut of America continues now. All nazi treachery with malice for all. Drumf heir Pence holding America hostage. Drumf never heard of PG&E. Drumf is draining the brains for fascist rule, those Russia connections. All OoJ. But, Drumf heir Pence will not escape collusion. As the DOJ is all but closed by and for the nazis. Rod Rosenstein will be remembered well. Collusion. All Republican nazi weaponized Immigration. That dirty Drumf brand. Diatribe Drumf heir Pence. All Republican Nazi Koch bros weaponized Immigration. And you know Steve hate us all Bannon with Grover NRA Norquist were all in on that. OoJ. Drumf heir Pence are doing all they can to ruin America. Everyday. Collusion. The Russia connections. Conspiracy. Let Drumf voters pay for the wall of Drumf. That is all Drumf had to say last night. Not even a pinto bean from Mexico. Let Drumf voters pay for the wall. Freaks Drumf heir Pence, everyday

     Right Wing Extremists. Let Drumf voters pay for the wall of Drumf. Drumf heir Pence fraud.

     Drumf heir Pence are government killers. Drumf is killing entire industries now and Drumf does not care. Drumf is a menace. Drumf is killing the poor and food. Cruel Drumf heir Pence. All Republican nonsense as Drumf is being wet nursed. Drumf heir Pence are killing 800,000 of us everyday. Disgusting. Drumf heir Pence have all Republican rejected America and Grover NRA Norquist with the Nazi Koch bros are thrilled. Putin too. Drumf heir Pence and the RGA have been robbing the U.S. Coast Guard repeatedly and continuing. Your all Republican Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress has aiding and abetting approved it all illegally. Guaranteed and repeatedly. Drumf heir Pence continue holding America hostage. All Republican crimes against us. Cruel and unjust. It never had to happen.

     Collusion on Russia steroids. And the Russia connections rage on now. As Drumf heir Pence roll back Civil Rights legislation. See the nazi Koch bros 700 Cabal there in your State.

     Rusiia Drumf collusion. Spies, foreign agents, finks and drty rats. The dangerous banana republic of Drumf heir Pence in Dons jons is very badly destabilized. Dangerous Infidels Drimf heir Pence. Fascist freaks are unhinged. Complicit collusion and conspiracy in the Russia connections. Everyday.