John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:35:07 AM | Back to Blygs

     The real national emergency. Holding America hostage. Sad and sinister. Drumf heir Pence, Steve Bannon and the Koch bros want to rob the military now. A cool 5.7 billion. OoJ fascist extortion. The crisis is in Dons jons. A vanity project. Money Laundering spies. You'll see tremendous chaos and disasters. Tremendous Drumf heir Pence. Spies. The Russia connections and Russian spies everywhere. Treachery. Foreign agents, Pals of Drumf all hired by heir Pence. Those Russia operatives. Collusion. Putin is thrilled. That banana republic of disfunctional anythings, Grover NRA Norquist in Dons jons. The Russia connections. Heir Bannon is thrilled.. Soo Republican. Drumf heir Pence. Putin is thrilled again. Drumf Putin spy Pals like this. Drumf collusion Russia connections.

     Drumf heir pence are killing America. Tremendous Drumf heir Pence disasters. It is all freak. Drumf heir Pence. Freak. Freak. Menacing America. Drumf is killing us. Drumf heir Pence are robbing jobs and stiffing workers. All Republican.

     The Russia connections. Collusion. The tower of Drumf Moscow & Drumf.Org. Drumf heir Pence spies. OoJ. The Russia connections. Conspiracy. SCOTUS.

     Infidels Drumf heir Pence, heir Pence. Pals like that. Drumf Pals. Pals like this.

     The Drumf among us. All Republican. Weaponized Immigration Is that dippity dew

     Not, even a pinto bean. One bigly solution to the all Republican criminal government shutdown 2018 - 2019, is to let Drumf voters pay for the wall of Drumf. That is fair. Drumf can collect his Drumf wall monies from Drumf voters or rob all of their jobs and families to pay for it. You know, the Right Wing Extremist fascist way. Or, if you prefer, the gangster way.

     The DOC. Swamp creatures. Drumf knowingly killed the government. For chaos, anarchy and ruination. DOC Pals of Drumf.