John Blyth


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     To be, or not to be. After the 3 billion dollar freebie the networks gave Drumf during his 2016 campaign. Surely, that was then and there. 2019. The networks owe Drumf nothing. Con men, Drumf heir Pence, the big con job. Can the networks legally promote fraud? Drumf heir Pence are trying to force, networks into a felonious fraud scheme. What's next? Pee wee herman? Max hedrum? Dons jons bananas? When will they get off the Grift? Vagrants. The cable guy and dons jons ratings. We await Neilson ratings of total despair, if not shock and horror. Drumf in Dons jons. Yikes. Fraud and more fraud.

     We know Drumf is bucking for a sections 8, with an eye on his getaway plane to defect to Russia. Pence holding the bag. But, consider this? Drumf has gone right down the numbers decimating the Administraive State on criminal purpose for Russia. No 8 here. Drumf has gone right down the numbers decimating the EU, NATO, the cold war for Russia and all foreign policies. No 8 there, sos. Not to mention the unindicted Russia connections to come from monumental Robert Mueller. Drumf heir Pence, Steve Bannon and the Koch bros own the government shutdown with the Grover NRA Norquist all Republican Congress. Weaponized Immigration, here and worldwide. Treason and traitors all. The fuedalism eurotrash Koch bros are thrilled.