John Blyth

The Washington D.C. Swamp 2019

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     The Russia connections. Collusion. The Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Conspiracy. The Russia connections. Spies. The Russia connections. Treachery. The Russia connections. Treason. Dirty rats and finks. The Russia connections. SOHO, Panama, Toronto. Drumf tower NY. The tower of Drumf Moscow.

     There is Drumf now. 2019. The Russia connections. Drumf heir Pence. Nazis. The all Republican prolonged government shutdowns against us are indicative of the treacherous hate Drumf heir Pence and the Koch bros, Grover Norquist have against us for the Gerry man dered few, by the few, for the few and all criminal for decades. That new world odor, tremendous Drumf heir Pence. Putin is thrilled for his treasonus Drumf heir Pence regime of hate against America. The banana republic in Dons jons is finished. Total frauds they are. Drain the swamp. Your NRA no deal Drumf heir Pence Grover Norquist Right Wing Extremists. Bankrupting America for nazis.

     The banana republic Drumf heir Pence, Steve Bannon with the Nazi Koch bros have Destabilized the USA. Very badly and bigly. All Nazi ugly. The Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS and more.
     Let us all look now at the treasonous treachery of the criminal Drumf heir Pence banana republic of the Nazi Koch bros. Holding 800,000 American jobs and lives hostage, to, by and for criminal nazis for Putin. Your tremendous spy Pals Drumf heir Pence. It is called Domestic Terrorism.
     Your no taxpayer ever Drumf. Tax cheat for decades. Where are Drumf's taxes? The 1.5 Trillion dollars Drumf heir Pence, Grover Norquist, Paul Ryan robbed from Medicare & Medicaid for the Nazi Koch bros. = Now equals 4 Trillion dollars Drumf added to the national debt. Say when, you see sabotage and wilful wanton criminal ruinations of America by Drumf heir Pence Nazi Koch bros spies. Extortion. OoJ. Conspiracy. Collusion.
     1. The utter nonsense of the Drumf wall. Not a Mexican, a peso, nor a pinto bean, nada. And Drumf says the savings fron the all Republican government shutdown will pay for the Drumf wall. Your bait and switch Drumf.
     2. The Drumf banana republic in Dons jons forced and exteneded government shutdowm. 800,000 of us, nazi held hostages in ruin. All Republican and it never had to happen.
     3. Spies and Froeign Agents.
     4. The Russia connections. The China connections.
     5. Try. Try to list the exhausting # of ways and means your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress's have aided and abetted the Drumf regime in Dions jons? Complicit in all. And for how long? OoJ. Collusion. Conspiracy. Treason.
     6. Your all for pollutions, claim jumping, ANWR. Drumf heir Pence criminalities for the next 40 years and legacy Nazi Koch bros. It was not forestry nor the Dept of land management. PG&E, it was all for big Corporate Cartels, not State.
     7. Drumfcare assaults against us for decades. Grover NRA Norquist "Man aged Care", since 1980. The all Republican Rx price fixings and over 300% health insurance premium increases. Congress collusion price fixings. Plus the insider healthcare stocks manipulations all Republican Congress criminally approved. OoJ. Conspiracy. Collusions. Complicit everyday.
     8. The Drumf heir Pence treacherous assault against our allies is treason. Deadly Infidel Drumf heir Pence Steve hate us all Bannon foreign policies are dangers to us all and traitors. Every day. 10,000 Kurds, all Drumf treason. NATO, the cold war given to Putin. The never had to happen Drumf trade wars. Treaties, accords, the WTO all Drumf heir Pence sabotaged very badly. Deadly dangerous Drumf.
     The menace Drumf heir Pence, Steve Bannon with the Nazi Koch bros have Destabilzed the world for Right Wing Extremist chaos and anarchy. Nothing good can come from it.
     9. The killing of The State Dept. A huge win for Putin Russia. All Putin Republican Congress guaranteed to sos repeat endless chaos and spy heaven with Republican safe havens. Paul Ryan with Mitch McConnells everything. How many jobs were robbed there? U.S. Ambassadors, all those Drumf jobs, robbed. Steve hate us all Bannon got paid and Right Wing Extremist scat to heir Robert Mercer. All are Right Wing Extremist spies and terrorists.
     10. The all Republican Drumf heir Pence, Paul Ryan Congress assault against the Constitution and all Institutions, here and worldwide. Completely un-American. There is no national emergency, only the national frauds that are Drumf heir Pence and the Koch bros. 800,000 Americans robbed by your all Republican everythang and more. Now, Drumf heir Pence and the Nazi Koch bros are starving millions of Americans. Your child abuse Republicans. Tear gas. All Republican child abuse. Domestic Terrorisms. For years to come?  Hostage takings. Every Drumf day.
     Drumf heir Pence and the Koch bros are killing America. It is all Nazi assault against us. The all Republican assault against national treasures. Americans and U.S. Jobs for decades.
     It is all Right Wing Extremist Terrorism.

     India. Pakistan. India. India.
     Moazambigue. Sudan.
     Taiwan. China. Japan. China.