John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:07:12 AM | Back to Blygs

      The American connections. The Russia connections. The Russia connections and Steve hate us all Bannon, heir Pence is thrilled with that. The Russia connections. Spies. The Republican connections. Putin Republicans like that. Your all Republican conservatives. OoJ.  Where are Drumf's taxes? Spies. The Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Collusion. The Republican connections. Spies. Drumf heir Pence. Conspiracy. Happy faces. Sad, Drumf heir Pence do not like happy faces. Soo toxic. The freaks. Complicit.

     Drumf is too bitter. Toxic and spitefull. Bitter and spitefull Drumf. Bad, very bad for America. Drumf heir Pence. Very ugly. All OoJ. Nobody burns 'em all down like backstabbing Drumf heir Pence. Soo Republican.

     And who will be the next AG? Hymm? OoJ. You guessed it. The guy wno is trying real hard to beat out heir Pence. A freak, a wannabee and the genuine Drumf vernacular there. Right Wing Extremist. Drumf loyalist OoJ.

     Freakish in Dons jons. The new AG must recuse himself and suffer the wrath of unending Drumf backbittings and backstabbings. Drumf Pals like that and Drumf Pals like this.

     Fascist Drumf heir Pence really will burn us all down. There is no doubt, the OoJ all Republican connections there. The total ruination of America by Nazis. All Republican Nazi Senate aided and abetted, of course. Aka, Nazi Koch bros employees and dahm that oath anyway. Fraud, abuse and corruption. It is all in Dons jons.