John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:01:09 AM | Back to Blygs

     1.5 Trillion dollars robbed from Medicare and Medicaid. The 1% Koch bros 700 Cabal. Drimfcare. The NRA.  You'll see, tremendous frauds and corruption. Nazis. Drumf heir Pence. NRA mass murders. Vegas. Parkland, Florida NRA. Pittsburgh. NRA Domestic Terrorisms. The Drumf bomber mass assasinations. Hate on Russian steroids. All Republican. Your Fascist Drumf everything. Not this time. Fraud Nazis. Reject the Nazis. All of 'em. VOTE. Reject Nazi Fascism. Vote Democratic and vote the Right Wing Extremists out. VOTE. Reject Drumf heir Pence all Republican Congress Hate. Vote. Reject Nazi fascist Koch bros hate. Vote. Reject the Nazi Koch bros JBS of Hate. Vote. Drain the swamp. Drain the all Republican swamp. Drain the swamp.

     The Russia connections. Drumf
heir Pence with Steve hate us all Bannon. The Russia connections. Spies. Thieves. Hoodlums and you guessed it? The Republican connections. OoJ. Drumf hate, racism and violence. Collusion. There is El Maligno now. Putin Republicans like that. The Russia connections. The unindicted Russia connections.

     The Koch bros SCOTUS, finks, hiding behind the law. GOP Gorsuch, Kavafraud. Right Wing Extremists. Scalia NRA. All Republican conservate Nazis.

     Vote Democratic and end the all Republican crimes against us. End the enemies within us. Vote Democratic and end the all Republican Nazis. Vote. Vote Democratic and be a part of all things good for America. Vote.

     Hungary. Ireland. UK. Italy. Europe. Italy. France. Ukraine.
     Drumf Pals like that, heir Pence. Iran. Iraq.
     The disaster Drumf trade wars. China. India. China. NK. China. Tibet. China. NK. China. Pakistan. China. NK. Japan. China. Indonesia. China. Indonesia. Pakistan. China. Freak. China. Drumf. China. Make Pals of Drumf mara-lago members Rich Again. The all Republican sham in Dons jons, sos, heir Pence, Steve hate us all Bannon and the Nazi Koch bros are thrilled there. DoC swamp creatures too. U.S. Farmers, burnt to the ethanol crisp. China Drumf Pals like that.
     Russia. Spies. Russia. Spies. Russia. Spies. There is Drumf heir Pence now. Where are Drumf's taxes?