John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:56:13 AM | Back to Blygs

     NRA Republican Congress'ssss. Sinister. Sinister. Sinister. Your all Republican Paul Opiods Ryan Congress'ssss with Grover Big Pahrma Lobbyist Norquist.

     Las Vegas Parkland. Pittsburgh. All NRA mass murders are all Republican NRA Congress approved and guarenteed to repeat. It is all an NRA freebie. We get dead with all the bills to pay and the NRA pays no price, ever.

     Drumfcare. 71+ repeals of the ACA and countless other Drumf heir Pence sabotages. Repeat.

     Your all Republican NRA Congress is the WMD. All Republican. The Iraq no wmd's War. Mass worldwide forced Immigrations, not since WW2. All Nazi forced by the wholly owned and strictly controlled Nazi Koch bros all Republican Congress'ssss. And all with the Russia connections for decades of scorched earth policies of Nazi hate worldwide. Your all Republican NRA Congress is the WMD.
     The all Republican assault against U.S. Education.
                                                             all Institutions.
                                                             the Executive branch. And completed.
                                                             Ratf**ked Congress'ssss.
                                                             all Republican cheatage.
                                                             the RGA with ALEC.
                                                             No regular order.
                                                             U.S. 1.5 Trillion dollars robbed from Medicare and Medicaid. All Paul Ryan Republican Congress. All Mitch McConnell Republicans. And all Nazi NRA Grover Norquist. All added to the deficit and all Nazi, Nazi ,Nazi for the Koch bros.

     Repeat domestic NRA terrorisms. Columbine NRA, April 1999. 9-11 All NRA with the Nazi Koch bros. Repeat Orlando Night Club NRA. Repeat first grade killers, your NRA. Repeat. All NRA Republican NRA Congress'ssss approved and guarenteed. To and for NRA Congress mass murders to repeat. Nowhere else in the world. Repeat. All Nazi NRA. Repeat.
     Repeat SC church NRA mass murders. Your all Republican NRA Congress says soo. Repeat with impunity all NRA mass murders. Your all Republican NRA Congress;ssss says soo. Repeat all NRA mass murders, all Republican NRA Congress guaranteed. Domestic terrorism.

     Do not vote for your all Republican anything. Drain the swamp. Drain the all Republican swamp. Drain the swamp.