John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:02:46 AM | Back to Blygs

     We know your all Republican tea party Paul Ryan Congress has acted more and more like SCOTUS over the last twenty years and that is no Koch bros accident. Sinister, sinister, sinister. Not doing the peoples will but, that, only of the Koch bros. Selective edicts of, by and for the evil King Koch bros, absolutely nothing else.

     There have never been charges by Congress against the Koch bros. No hearings. Nothing. Ever. 7 decades? Complicit OoJ.

     Your all Republican attrition Paul Ryan Congress has completely discarded and escortiated anything and everything about us. There is no we, us, them, nothing. Everything is for the evil King Koch bros. 

     No charges by Congress against massive all Republican spy Lobbyists. OoJ, Collusion. Conspriacy and etc..... extended long decades old lists.

     Why? For we know the evil King Koch bros absolutely believe they own the entire government. Certainly the Koch bros believe they own the entire Federal and States budgets too. Your RGA with ALEC there.

     The DOJ does not do, white collar crimes.  The IRS does not enforce, the Koch bros have defunded the IRS to death and robbed all personnel there. Indeed the entire banana republic of Steve Nazi Bannon there. Drumf at the hackbone, all heir Pence hired to Nazi destroy us. The Nazification of it all.

     We see it all evidenced by the 3 time killings of the good # 44's roads and bridges Build America. Shot to hell by the Grover NRA Norquist all Republican Congress. We saw it all in the Contract Against America all Republican speaker of the house Louse of it all. We saw it all in house speaker Dennis Hastert, the Iraq War and etc..... Nazi forced mass Immigrations for Nazi Right Wing Extremists worldwide and Drumf Pal Putin too.

     The highly countable Columbine H.S. domestic terrorisms all over America and getiing mass murder Sandy Hook ever faster repeatings NRA has never been charged by Congress.

     Now Drumf wants his wall and Paul Ryan will rob that. And Drumf says he will shutdown the government if he does not get 5 billion dollars, not pesos, to build the wall of Drumf. Meaning, the Drumf government shutdown will rob all government paychecks until Drumf is pacified with gooker. As if the Koch bros could care less and it only benefits the Russians Putin. Either way the Koch bros Paul Ryan will give Drumf nothing and rob the residency to install heir Pence, the Koch bros very own.

     Drumf has been played out by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Drumf serves no purpose anymore for the Koch bros. Drumf is attrition now. The Koch bros have their hat trick Executive branches, Congress and Senate, SCOTUS all in the Koch bros dirty little bag of Drumf. Kings edict Koch bros only, from now on.

     Never mind that Xi is running rickshod all over Drumf heir Pence and Dons jons. Tiretracks all across Drumf heir Pence backs. Spies too. How many spies has Congress prosecuted in the last 70 years?

     The  king Koch bros triumvirate is long game all complete. There are no 3 branches. Only king Koch bros. All Republican guaranteed. That genuine Drumf vernacular there.