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     Watch Live. The NRA swamp insider. Watch Live. Drumf. SCOTUS. OoJ. SCOTUS. Conspiracy.  LIVE. Collusion.  And more. Aiding and abetting.

     Merrick Garland. No Regular Order.
     The op-ed scorched earth politics of brazen theft of the SCOTUS seat. Hard Right Wing NRA Extremists.
     ACA killer.
     NRA Lover.
     Get Drumf out of jail free.
     Disdain of all.
     Evasive and unfit. Bitter, bitter, bitter.
     Hysterical. A howl of rage. Dons jons lover.
     Character? FISA theft, and etc......
     Demeanor and Partisan extremist. Temperment of freak.
     Do not confirm the NRA swamp insider. Reject. Reject. Reject.

     Reject Mitch Koch bros McConnell. Stunningly NRA.
     Nazi tactics. The Koch bros Nazi SCOTUS Mitch McConnell Senate will not be intimidated.
     The low bar of Nazism.
     Tyranny. complicit in evil.
     Due process of nazism. Sinister.
     Snapshots of your all Republican Mitch McConnell Senate.
     A clear declaration of senate for the Koch bros.
     Paid for by the Koch bros.
     A picture of Nazism.
     The Committee, the committee, the committee. Of Hell.
     Invalid and all Drumf. Let's be clear.
     Public statements of all Republican Drumf.
     The weaponization of Republicam Drumfisms. Mudslinging it all into the record.
     Mitch McConnell says soo. All for the Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS.
     The all Republican Koch brosSCOTUS opportunity to rob America to death and beyond.
     Institution killers, your all Republican Mitch McConnell Senate. Reject snivelers.