John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:46:51 AM | Back to Blygs

     Those Russia connections. Where are Drumf's Taxes? Drumf heir Pence lies and spies. 'Neckbones too. Will Drumf throw heir Pence under the big bus load of Drumf? Will Drumf fire hier Pence and replace him with the new VP after the election? The NRA connections. All for mayhem and chaos, you'll see.
     Broad cooperation. Pence is thrilled. Manafort has flipped. The Koch bros are thrilled. Bigly and badly. Congress did not protect Drumf and are thrilled. The Russia connections. Does this mean Drumf will do the September Government shutdown? Full cooperation. Goes back years. The Russia connections. Endless debachery, you'll see.  Bigly and badly Russia connections. Soo sordid. Grave for the resident. Conspiracy 2, OoJ, heir Pence?
     Mueller is monumental. The Russia connections in Dons jons. The Drumf heir Pence, Koch bros swamp grows ever meaner. It is all collusion. 'Neckbones and let us all include Steve Bannon there. Collusion. Let us all include the entire Drumf Administration. OoJ. All the past and present Drumf heir Pence Administration. Swamp creatures too. Burn'em all down. Fire in the swamp. Conspiacy. Unindicted Trump Crimes. Blochbuster informations. Those Russia connections.

     The Russia connections. Drumf heir Pence. Fear. The Russia connections. Collusion. Conspiracy. Spies. The Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Racketeering. The Russia connections. Complicity. FISA sos.

     The Koch bros peronally groomed SCOTUS. And Quack Nazis. Stolen e-mails and spying. Law and order. Nefarious acts. Perjury. Aiding and abetting utter Nazi Judges for the Koch bros. Deepening the Allegations. 93% of NRA sexy swamp insider documents were witheld by your OoJ all Republican Koch bros SCOTUS sham Senate. OoJ is a crime and the all Republican Senate is conspiracy to committ. Psyco graphics and Cambridge Analytica. What is next?

     Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures, Koch bros Pals like this. Swamp creatures. Drumfcare. Criminal. Swamp creatures like that. Stinker Drumf and heir Steve Bannon. All for the Koch bros. Swamp creatures.

     Puerta Rico. Republican Congressional hearing? Nah. See Drumf heir Pence and your all Republican everything Paul Ryan Congess there. All Republican Pals like that.
     The Philippines. The Philippines.
     Russia. Drumf Pals.
     Heir Pence, heir Pence, heir Pence. Yemen.