John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:22:40 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connections. Collusion and Conspiracy. Drumf heir Pence.

     Hurricane Drumf heir Pence. Puerta Rico? Freak. Tremendous Drumf heir Pence diatribe, you'll see. Crimes against humanity. Thievage Drumf heir Pence. FEMA robbed to pay the 1% 700 Nazi Koch bros Cabal. IL RGA. Drumf heir Pence robbed 10 million from FEMA to pay heir Pence RGA Pal Illinois gov Raunchier for ICE Immigration lock-ups owned by IL nazi gov Raunchier nationwide. A Drumf heir Pence shakedown. RGA Pence, Raunchier Pals like that. Thievage for the 1% 700 Nazi Koch bros Cabal. RGA.. Drumf heir Pence ICE scam Pals like that while nazi IL gov Raunchier gets rich on the anti Immigration nazi scam. Sure as the NRA gun. Scandalous. Hurricane FEMA  Flo and Illinois gov Ranchier owning his own private Mexican hate filled Guantanamo's. All taxpayer stolen FEMA money paid for. Now you see Illinois gov Raunchier buying Republicans elections with stolen FEMA Drumf heir Pence nazi monies. Everyday. Nazis like that. That anti corruption, anti immigration, union busters,RGA IL gov Raunchier and Pals heir Pence.

     There is nothing new about crime and abnormal. Drumf heir Pence. There is no new normal about more crime and more abnormal. There is nothing special about Drumf heir Pence bucking for a section 8. That is not going to happen because it is all about crime and criminals, nothing else.
     We know the treasonous crimes against us by the  nazi Koch bros traitorous Drumf heir Pence. Let us list the henious crimes against us now.
     1. The Russia connections. The Russia connections. The Russia connections.
     2. Money Laundering and gross elections violations. Collusion. Conspiracy. OoJ.
     3. Where are Drumf's Taxes?
     4. The adult day care center for criminal desease control in Dons jons.
     5. Hoof in Mouth disease and that Drumf brand. N.Y.
     6. Foreign Policy. All Drumf heir Pence sabotage and willful destruction.
     7. List all of the checks and balances Drumf heir Pence blew through. A tuffy and a tiffy.
     8. The Koch bros foley of the arcane non popular vote for the electoral college sytem. Twice. 2000 & 2016.
     9. SCOTUS and the other 57 nazi judges presribed by the Nazi Koch bros.
     10. The all new Drumf heir Pence forced government shutdown, 2018.