John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:11:47 AM | Back to Blygs

     Watch the all Republican sham Koch bros SCOTUS live. The NRA swamp insider. Watch the perjury and stolen e-mails if you can. Sinister. 93% of documents witheld. The NRA hack job. NRA hacks like that. E-mails and farce. Race and perjury.  All Republican. Voters rights and Roe v. Wade. Unfit. The Russia connections and your NRA swamp insider. Drumf likes that and heir Pence seconded it all to Congress happen. Your all Republican Koch bros everythang. Fooey, Unitarian Executive Theory? Scalias Morrison? Pro Presidential Powers NRA swamp insider. Televised, SCOTUS should be. Do not support the perjury NRA swamp insider. An unpopular NRA oath buster, swamp insider pick. A grossly unpopular resident. And an 11% approval rating of your all Republican Koch bros Paul Ryan Congress. It is Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS sharade sham all Drumf. The NRA Russia connections. Spy Pals of Grover NRA Norquist. That banana republic of Naziness. The Nazi Koch bros yes boy criminal SCOTUS and a Drumf loyalistAll Nazi Fascism. All Right Wing Extremists. All of it, bough and paid for by the Nazi Koch bros. Completely owned by the Nazi Koch bros, all of the Executive branch, the all Republican Congress and the Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS. All Nazi. And yes, that very much includes the 1% 700 Nazi Koch bros Cabal NRA, the Heritage Foundation and on and on all Nazi Koch bros. The John Birch Society of Hate. For the Koch bros so hated the world and all in. The scorched earth policies of hate for hell Nazi Koch bros. The Koch bros long game for 7 decades.
     The Democratic Response. It is all Nazi radicalisn.= Fascism. The Nazi NRA swamp insider. And the Democratic Response, all Nazi Right Wing Extremists. The Mitch Koch bros McConnell connection. & The Democratic Response. Do not give consent nor approval to the NRA swamp insider. The Democratic Response. Deny Nazi Fascism of SCOTUS. The Democratic Response.

     Tremendou Drumf calamity, you'll see. Tremendous simpleton. The entire banana republic of Drumf heir Pence is a bust, wipe out, no work zone. No one pays any price and they all get paid to ruin America. The definition of treason and traitors. All Republican. That completely includes your OoJ, Collusion, Conspiarcy all Republican Paul Grover Norquist Ryan Congress'ssss. Sinister. Sinister. Sinister.
     Gross, everyday criminal violations of oath of all Republican gerry mandered offices. The NRA run amok  lobbyists everywhere and in everything Congress. Completely over run by spies and foreign agents. Hoodlums and Nazis. Drumf is a menace. Heir Pence.

     Your irritated bowel dawgs, Drumf heir Pence. That deep state of Drumf heir Pence. Very ugly there. U.S. Gambling and heir Pence spies. Heir Pence, heir Pence sos. Anonymous Grover NRA Norquist at -310. Pals like that. Your gerry mandered all Republican Paul Ryan Congress makes and keeps it all crazytown in the swamp. We know Drumf is being leaked on bigly and badly. Ugly and awful, you;ll see.

     Every day freak. Drumf heir Pence has wore us all out with their constant unending frauds and that is their game. After the facts, crime and criminals. OoJ. Collusion. Complicity. Accomplice all. Conspiracy. And the unending hoax of Drumf will testify, no will not testify, utter dribble Drumf nonsense.

     Swamp creatures. All Nazi Koch bros perssonnal. Swamp creatures.

     The Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Conspiracy.  And the NRA Inaugaration. Collusion. The Russia connections. Aiding and abetting. The Russia connections. Complicity. Those Russia connections. Drumf heir Pence. The Indictments and the N.Y. Times op-ed description of the dysfunctional, Sinister spy infested, Nazi Drumf heir Pence banana republic. Everyone give Drumf heir Pence a banana. Everyone is leaking bigly and badly on Drumf heir Pence. Soo ugly. There is Drumf now and heir Pence christian supremacist is thrilled. Freak Nazis like that. That Russia connecetion. It is all Collusion and Conspiracy. Then, there is the Drumf NRA swamp insider for SCOTUS. You'll see, trememdous all Republican Drumf turmoil and the Koch bros very own heir Pence.

     China. Drumf never worked for us and never will. The five time deserter Drumf has done all he could to destroy America. Anonymous Drumf. Japan. Japan. The NK Drumf disaster, better deal and NK leaking very badly all over Drumf heir Pence.
     The Middle East. Cruel heir Pence. Syria. Syria. Israel.
     Sweeden. Russia. Sweeden. Russia. Sweeden. Drumf Nazi criminal Pals like that.
     Guatamala, El Salvador.