John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:26:14 AM | Back to Blygs

     Watch the all Republican sham Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS Live. The sham NRA SCOTUS. Due Process denied to the public. Fraud and farce. No regular order. It is all banana's in crazytown. Manuel Miranda a Republican operative = Stolen e-mails. Treacherous. That NRA swamp insider. The Koch bros yes boy. All Republican sham.

     Drumf swamp. The Russia connections. There is Drumf now and heir Pence is thrilled. We know Drumf is being leaked on very badly. And we know it is all the Koch bros dirty inside job. The Russia connections. Thrilling. In Dons jons with the knife. The usual suspects are thrilled now. If not ticklled pink and bloody. Spies, treachery and sabotage. Your Pal, the NRA Grover Norquist and that Drumf mess. Looks like, smells awful nazi. Drumf Pals like that with a shiv. It is all Republican sabotage and howling for undermine.
     And the new Warren Retort will be written by the Nazi Koch bros wholly owned and strictly controlled NRA originalist swamp insider. Do you see the Koch bros now?

     It is all in Dons jons. Dons jons. Dons jons. That banana republic of Drumf heir Pence. Sos heir Pence. It is all banana republic. Drumf heir Pence. Pals like that. The Nazi Koch bros NRA SCOTUS and Drumf heir Pence.

    The Koch bros very own Heir Pence Sos. Freak Drumf, spies and frauds. Pals like that. It is all for the Nazi Koch bros hat trick. Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch of Nazi Koch bros serfdom. Complete Nazi Koch bros destruction and ruinization of America.

     Those Russia connections.

     The Russia connections. Drumf heir Pence active pursuit to kill America. Drumf heir Pence are dangers to us all. Where are Drumf's taxes? And Drumf will not resign because your all Republican complicit Congress endlessly backs Drumf heir pence failures. Economists must be ready and prepare. The Russia connections.

     Swamp creatures.

     Those Democrats and the NRA swamp insider e-mails. NRA swamp creature. The Koch bros SCOTUS. Those Dems. Confirmation? Protestors. It is all in the swamp. The Koch bros SCOTUS and the NRA. All Republican sham. It is all chaos, disruption and anarchy. You'll see. The all Republican sham. William Burch Pals of the NRA swamp insider.