John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:34:10 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connections. Heir ILL gov Ranchier is the 1% Nazi 700 Koch bros Cabul. Drumf is a Russian spy. Drumf in lock step with Russia Putin. Heir Pence is a Koch bros Nazi spy. Heir Pence in lock step with the Nazi Koch bros. Your all Republican "Ratf**ked" Congress is in lock step with Drumf heir Pence. Your all Republican everythang has sabotaged U.S. all bigly and badly. That Russia connection, Drumf heir Pence ugly. Demagogue and thief.

     The real America likes, wants and respects our good NATO allies and has no need for the Drumf heir Pence at all.
     Drumf heir Pence do not speak for America. Drumf heir Pence speak for themselves to Make Drumf heir Pence Nazi Rich Again. And nothing but. You'll see, tremendous Drumf Dip lo messy failure after Drumf heir Pence, Steve Nazi  Bannon gassed our once great State Dept. The endless degenerates Drumf heir Pence. Totally Deplorable Drumf heir Pence. You'll see tremendous Isolationist Drumf failures heir Pence.

     Will Drumf defect to Russia in Russia? Just like hid grandaddy and the five time, jive time, Viet Nam war no bone spur draft dodger, Drumf. That toxic Drumf Russia brand.

     Swamp creatures. All smelly Drumf loyalty Pals like that. Grover NRA Norquist is thrilled like the original goatman with lipstick. Grover uber Norquist. Swamp creatures like that.

     The Drumf SCOTUS. All criminal. All get Drumf out of jail SCOTUS and make it all Drumcare Nazi serfdom. All nazi. Drumf heir Pence are killing America for the Nazi Koch bros. Putin is thilled now. Markets, all Drumf down. Drumf is burning down our good farmers at both ends. There is Drumf heir Pence now.
     Drumf heir Pence Fascism are a menace for the Nazi Koch bros. And Drumf heir Pence could not care Nazi less. Your freaks Drumf heir Pence. See Nazi serfdom. Demoralizing America in every Nazi Koch bros JBS of Hate way, your all Republican everythang. And your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress is thrilled now. The brazen insult and denigration of America, all for Russia Putin. Your Drumf heir Pence. Sabotage and poison, treachery too.

     Japan. NATO. England. Russia.