John Blyth


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     All for Cartels Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress'ssss. Bad, very bad. All Paul Ryan approved by the inactions of your does not work for us all Republican everythang Congress'ssss. Corporate Cartels are not supposed to dominate your Gov and legislature. Corporate needs to pay their fair share of taxes in all States. Apple is a long time leading offender of Corporate Tax cheats. all of which has long been racketeered Congress'ssss since the 1970's and to date, no changes.  Mur doc. Mur doc. Mur doc. Let us all now remember the all Republican Grover Norquist Congress that wrote the 1990 Telcommunications Act of Hell for Corporate, with Corporate and by Corporate aides all on Congressional payrolls then, now and for decades too. All Nazi Koch bros Corporate Congress'ssss for decades.

     The Fed. The Fed.