John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:41:02 AM | Back to Blygs

     America is done with Nazis Drumf heir Pence, Putin and the Koch bros. The Russia connections. It is completely clear Drumf heir Pence are Nazis and not at all American.

     Cossack Drumf has criminally sabotaged our allies and friends. For the Koch bros VIX commodities nazi few and the DoC. Drumf has purposely savaged our friends and  Allies for Putin and Drumf's dirty Russia connections. Those Russia connections.
     Denied the TPP. And tossed our Drumf papel in Puerto Rico. MALA, Cossack Drumfs like that. Sing, Sing, Singapore too.
     Cossack Drumf is criminally against the world and us. A snake has no guts crawling on belly, U.S. Dip lo messy Drumf heir Pence. Sos. Traitors Drumf heir Pence banana republica regime have sold us out to China repeatngly.
     Drumf has denied the Paris Accord and is completely lock step with the Nazi kill us all Koch bros.
     Cossack Drumf is breaking Treaties and accords against the will of the good and gracious American people.
     The American people do not stand by or with Nazis Drumf heir Pence Nazi savaging of the world for the few 1% filthy rich Oligarchs. It is all about those Cossack Russia Drumf connections Koch bros VIX Currencies.
     The 115th all Republican Paul Ryan Congress has aided and abetted it all. Collusion. Accomplice. Massive thievages and terroism with humanitarina crimes aginst humanity everywhere. Driving hate, weponized Immigration.
     Chaos and anarchy for fascism. Drumf heir Pence. Trudeau should have knocked Drumf out. Twice.
     The Cossack Drumf Pence Banana republic.

     We do not live in extraordinary times. We live in the Dark Ages of Koch bros 1% few Nazi Hell. 2018. Oligarchs of Fire. The scorched earth policies of hate for hell. The JBS of Hate Koch bros. For the Koch bros soo hated the world and all in it.

     Immigrations. The Nazi Oligarchs forced the destabilizations of Continents. Now, fascist right wing Extremist ban Immigrations worldwide creating a collective global humanitarian crisis angainst us all. As Drumf, Pence, Putin and the Koch bros pay no price nothing and all black markets reign terror among us.

     The Koch bros SCOTUS. It is all the Koch bros assault against Voters Rights by the Right Wing Extremists. 7 Decades of the Nazi Koch bros JBS of Hate. Your RGA with ALEC. SCOTUS Ohio.

    Swamp creatures. Your Drumf heir Pence banana republic. Drumf Pals.

     Will 5 time. jive time, total fraud, deserter Drumf defect to Russia? Now would be that time.

     Criminal fraud Narcissism. = Drumf Disaster. You'll see. Drumf is thrilled now and wearing out dependables. Drumf is thrilling. Freak and freakier. The total fraud losers Drumf heir Pence. Sos Drumf that. Pence is seconding it all again.

     The Milk, Dairy and Beef bill was done by all Republican # 43 and all Koch bros approved at the time.

     Italy. Canada. Germany. Italy. UK.
     Chile and Minnisota too. Domoinican Drumf Republic.
     Japan. Singapore. Japan. A snake has no guts crawling on belly. NK.