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     Cossack Drumf and the Koch bros are killing our friends and Allies. The Real America does not want that at all. None of it. Nazis Drumf and the Koch bros pay no price, nothing and they get big VIX bigly and badly paid.

     We know Drumf did not want to go to the mandatory G-7 in Canada. Instead, Drumf chose to go to Quebec City, Canada G-7, but only to be himself and the Make Drumd Rich again criminal he is, insisting Russia be let in the G-7.. By only going there to profess his very personel ignorances and leaving early before anything environemental G-7, The Drumf menace isolationist. The completely fake and fraud protectionist dreadful failure. Drumf only went to the G-7 to declare his absolute belligerent ignorance of all and everything. A sixth grader, infantile, inferior, orange dotard baffoon, Drumf dip lo messy. Insistance on ignorance. Americans do not support Drumf at all.
     Then heading to the NK Sumitt in Singapore completely unprepared, Drumf is prepared to fail with bad attitude and fail very Drumf badly on NK in Singapore and around the world. All of which Drumf could not care less. As Drumf really wants to be in Mara-lago.
     A sucker gut punch by the imbecile Drumf in the G-7, Singapore and around the world. Drumf.
     Drumf hates his job and the job hates Drumf. Cossack Drumf.
     Will Drumf defect in Sing Sing Singapore to Russai with love?
     Will Drumf be slapped publicly, bigly and badly in NK, Singapore by China?
     Your Republican Congress?
     El Maligno. You'll see, Drumf is a stuck in the 1970's backward disaster.

     You'll see, complete fake and fraud, total tremendous disaster Drumf. The worst. Drumf. Mess, you'll see. Drumf.

     MAGATrump. Drumfbook.= Junkbook. Right Winger Freaks. Right Wing Extremists like that. The Drumf among us. Drumfbook. Pals like that. All Drumf.

     AT&T, Time Warner Cartel.