John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:11:35 AM | Back to Blygs


     To say Congress has not kept up with Congressional updates is to note any progress for America by these all Republican Congress'sssss. Pitiful is not the word. Criminal is the definition. A little bit of constarnation? After the facts of massive wholesale thievages, all for the money. $5 bucks a sale. How much did the bad boys really make on $5 X 160 million? = What Congress did not do for us.
     Because it is and are these all Republican Congress'sssss that allow our browsers to be robbed at will 24/7. Costing all, millions and millions of wasted man hours of futility. Purposeful hate, with malice for all. It is Congress'sssss job to fix soo many ills and wrongs, but no and continuing. Leaving us all in the Koch bros antebellum south of the 1800,s. Complete failure and all on calculated malice purpose. Now Congress, by failure and with malice want to make it all even easier for the bad guys to rob us more under Drumf regulatory cuttings. Everyday.
     Just the same as Congress allows Rx prices to be hijacked at 6,000%. Shkreli and all of the rest.
     Congress will not work for us.
     And, in fact these all Republican Congress'sssss have been working against us for far too long.
     Your "Ratf**ked" Congress'sssss.

     The Senate and what about that bogus House investigation by your all Republican Congress? Who started that mess?

     U.S. Healthcare? And complete Koch bros GOP failure.

     Cleveland? Cleveland.