John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump and the completely failed globalist vs populist Isolationist president steve Bannon. Making America Last. Economic white trash Nationalism. Trump, Bannon. Threatening the world with depression.

     See Steve Economic Nationalist Bannon there.

     The great manipulator. A wing man? A moral equivalacy? A globalist vs a populist? Complete demagoguery. Steve hate us all Bannon.
     Economic Nationalism? Practicing and threatening us with world wide genicide and doom.

     Economic nationalism refers to an ideology favoring policies that emphasize domestic control of the economy, labor, and capital formation, even if this requires the imposition of tariffs and other restrictions on the movement of labor, goods and capital.     

     Economic War with China is catastrophe. White Nationalist's Steve bannon and pimp us all Trump. Make America Last. Meanwhile the all Vulture Capitalist Corporate Raiders Trump Cabinet clean up for just pennies on the dollar, world globalist wide. Korus and the Isolationist failure Drumf cabinet.
     Steve Bannon while DeConstructing the Administrative State, practicing and threatening us with depression. All the while, the Koch bros have practiced suppression of the masses for decades. Steve Populist Bannon Demagoguery. DeConstructing the Administrative State.

     When everyone says we don't want it, don't do it, Trump does it. Then Trump doubles down on it, all ways wrong. The ruinization of America.

     Swamp creatures and Mara Lago Irma Trump. On the bus, trying to get out? Whack - mole DrumfDate killer Trump. Irma Trump.

     We know, Irma is Trump's step daughter. And we know Irma does not like Trump. Irma Trump. See Trump's angry step daughter, Irma Trump there. Your Irma Trump.

     Korea. Japan. The China connection and spies. Korea. Japan. Canada.