John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:15:35 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. UnAmerican, your Nazi Trump Fascist Pence Make America Last. You'll see, complete Drumf failure. Pals like that and spy Pals like this. Add that Trump verncular there.

     That Russia connection and the unfit, inelligable fraud of Trump.

     This Russia connection. Foriegn Agents and Foriegn Monies. Tactics? Hackers for hire. Spies. Tremendous experience with Russian. Foriegn contributions expertise. Donald Trump's Tax Returns. Crimes. Overseas bank accounts. Disclosures? Chech the Box? Panama papers and Drumf papel. State and Federal Taxes. See Trump Pence there.

     Your anti U.S. Labor Day Trump. Support the minimum wage and the living wage.
     Squatter Drumf failed Immigration policy and the Trump nasty assault against DACA. Dream killer Trump. Dream killer Trump, soo wrong. Trump picking on chldren. Drumf DACA.

     Demagogue Trump. Everyday. Swamp creatures.
     Squatter Drumf papel and a new round of Sonic Attacks in Cuba. Spies. Spies.
     Drumf and his hatchett man. The Drunf Administration.
     That Drumf Dossier and Drumf papel. The Drumf divide.

     We know Trump is a foriegn policy nightmare and the resident squatter Drumf does not speak for us. Trump is a farmer killer, ranch killer, job killing fool. No one, kills domestic policy and jobs like Drumf. And the winners there are, you guessed it, Drumfs Vulture Cabinet Corporate Raiders with the Nazi Koch bros and Steve populist Bannon. Make America Last by Donald Trump, the complete ruinization of America by the dirty insiders, the Drumf among us. KORUS.

     Those all too many Russia connections and the sell out of America, Drumf. Quid pro quo's. Bribery. Treason. High crimes and mis demeaners. Make Pimp Trump Rich Again. You'll see, the fiscal disater that is the Donald Drumf.

     Japan. North Korea. North Korea and miscommunication. Kim Jong-Un.

     Will anybody trust Trump's new tax plan? Where are Donald Trump's Taxes? See the Trump there. Drumf bitch slapping all Republicans and to be sure Steve Bannon was all in on it.

     Japan. China. North Korea. Japan. South Korea. Kim Jung-Un.

     Trump has DeStabilized the whole world. Steve Bannon, the Nazi Koch bros, Grover NRA National Russia Associates Norquist and Putin are thrilled now. Pimp us all Trump takes a bow.

     The China connection. BRICS and Pakistan.

     Your irritated bowel dawg Drumf. China Drumfing and failed Isolationist, squatter, Nazi Drumf. Fascism and another anti science Nazi Koch bros spy swamp creature.  What a fool can do for Cartel foods, MN.

     God Bless U.S. Labor and Unions. All for the minimum wage and the living wage. Down with RGA right to work states. And down with the Nazi Drumf among us jobs killer. See job killing Ill RGA gov Rauner killing unions at all costs, your Right Wing Extremist Nazi and holding  children hostage to do it. Your Ill gov Rauner killed the minimum wage too. Your anti union RGA.